Super Bowl XLVII Madden NFL 2013 Preview

David Jagneaux of writes:
Super Bowl XLVII is fast approaching here in the United States, which is essentially a national holiday on the same level of Winter holidays like Christmas, New Year’s or anything else. Us Americans love us some football and we also love us some Madden. Madden NFL 2013 is one of the best entries in the long-running sports franchise that has released in recent memory (you can check out my review right here) and me and Richard Bailey Jr. wanted to do something special this year for the Super Bowl.

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black9112832d ago

I hope you used NFL 2K5.

jaggernaut252832d ago

*Looks at comment, then looks at title* Wut.

StreetsofRage2832d ago

LMAO! He's a Raiders fan, cut him some slack.

No need for previews or simulations. Niners are going to destroy.

DarthBigE2832d ago

-_- guy didnt even have it set to the right stadium...

jaggernaut252829d ago

Yeah :( I felt really dumb but we didn't feel like going back and restarting...LOL