Ni no Kuni Makers Respond To Wizard’s Edition Fiasco, Debunk Conspiracy Theories

Kotaku: Fans were not pleased this week when they learned that their orders of Ni no Kuni Wizard's Edition were cancelled due to stock shortage. Some were puzzled as to why an eBay merchant, Play Canada, was able to get hundreds of copies of the game; many postulated that there was something sketchy going on.

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Root2825d ago

How have they debunked anything, how the hell did PlayCanada then get over 200 copies.

I find this hilarious a coupon and a strategy guide...yeah that makes it up to those affected.

Skate-AK2824d ago

They say how PlayCanada got them in the article.

"According to our records, this individual or group of individuals purchased Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Wizard's Edition during the NinoStarter promotion period (August 2012); at which time, no limits were placed on how many units an individual could order."

This "individual or group of individuals" must have been PlayCanada.

Root2824d ago

Yeah but surley though they must of seen a LARGE order placed with PlayCanda....200 copies is not something you would miss, especially if they aren't your normal retailer.

rainslacker2824d ago

There was no reason to think it unusual. It was during the ninoStarter project, which was the place where the whole concept of the Wizards Edition started. Orders were sold on demand, and someone wanted 200 copies. Since there were no limits, and they were paying the asking price, they sold the product. What that person did with the purchased products isn't really Namco's concern, and not even out of the ordinary.

If it did raise alarm bells, it should be considered that they probably weren't the only ones that did this. The extremely limited editions of games often have people that purchase multiple copies for resale.

MmaFan-Qc2824d ago

Play Canada did buy their stock directly from Namco Bandai. That is the truth.

Some peoples may imply taht consumers are delusional and imagining conspiracies where there aren't any. No, that simply isn't true. While Ni No Kuni fans who wanted to support the Wizard's Edition release were not intentionally screwed over, they are the victims of sloppy, irresponsible business tactics.

Digital River mess up aside, there was a huge clusterf*ck on Namco Bandai's behalf in calculating how many units they needed to fulfill preorders and not catching that they sold hundreds of units to a KNOWN eBay scalper.

If true how does 100 units of a limited Editions wind up being ordered and shipped to one company without raising redflags even if it wasn't limited when they ordered it? Collusion or incompetence? Is there a third option?

on that, let me get my tin foil hat, meanwile someone play the X files theme...

rainslacker2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )


Can't argue on under producing the actual product. I don't know what led to it or why it would happen given that supply was based on pre-order demand. For now I'll have to go off the clerical error that's been thrown out by PR.

As far as selling 100 units though, I'm sure Play Canada weren't the only ones that did so. Quick search on Amazon had one guy that had 17 left in stock, likely down from the original amount of who knows how many, priced at $389 a pop. It's not unusual at all for people to do this...the Wii U pre-orders being a very recent example. Some people like to play the market, and while I think it's kind of a crappy thing to do, it's perfectly legal and a basis for our entire free market economy.

Digital River is also a fairly large distributor for direct sales. It's not practical for every publisher to run their own staff for that kind of thing so they outsource it. I doubt at no time did a person ever actually review individual buyers, and it's highly likely their system isn't set up to red flag something like this as they probably often send out hundreds of units of a products to resellers.

Should they maybe have cut out some of those 200 units to this one person or others like them? Maybe. The decisions made for this whole thing have been rather bad. To me it would have better to just send Play Canada 1 copy, instead of having 199 angry customers who did want to support you, particularly since Play Canada's only intention was to profit themselves, thus not serving Namco's best interest.

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Flavor2824d ago

this is nothing new, companies do this all the time to pump up prices.

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wishingW3L2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I really don't understand the problem here. Why can't they produce more Wizard Editions? 0__O

TacoTaru2824d ago

If they were going to do that, Play Canada wouldn't be able to sell them for more than they paid for them. It is only because they won't produce more that Play Canada can pull this scam.

rainslacker2824d ago

I'm not sure how it's a scam. They are merchants who are reselling a product people are willing to pay that price for.

It could be a scam if they colluded with Namco, or their distributor for this, but they are denying that connection. I doubt Namco would worry about the small amount of extra money they would make by doing this. We're only talking about an extra $60,000, which isn't that much to them. Their distributor is quite large and it may be a drop in the bucket for them as well.

@original poster
Production actually costs quite a bit of money. Not sure how many people were affected by this, but I doubt it is monetarily sensible for them to do so. It sucks, and wish they could find a way to provide for those that participated in the pre-order.

ApolloTheBoss2824d ago

Yeah, there's a lot more to this story here. Something doesn't smell right.

Seraphim2824d ago

the problem is Namco Bandai didn't oversee the ordering process. here's the problem. Publishers don't have the manpower or internet storefronts for this type of thing. Nor do they have the funds to maintain a proper store. NISA had headaches early on and it took them a while to get on top of things.

I will say that their E-Commerce provider should have said hey, wait, we have X orders going to the same people but don't have enough inventory to fill all the orders placed. Maybe we should contact Namco and see if they want to limit this to 1 per household/order so all orders will get filled. Honestly I think this is the kind of thing that should have been a retailer exclusive. Amazon, Best Buy, really doesn't matter. Also moving forward I think a truly limited edition item such as this will see a limit of 1 per as well. It is sad that the company was able to obtain so many copies and try raping fans on ebay for them but only in hindsight did this come to Namco and the E-Commerce they use probably could care less....

joab7772824d ago

I agree so its hard to blame them. Illbet that in order to make more it would cost them quite a bit and take some time. Personally, i would eat the cost difference. Maybe they counted canada as 1 because there was obviously a clerical error. Or they were not supposed to send them and they got sent. I regretted not ordering one but i guess i am glad i didnt. I hate to see something bad tarnish this product

Clarence2824d ago

I got lucky and was able to orderd 2 uk wizard edition form Game co uk. Im hoping to get at least one of them.


although its sold out everywhere i dont think we will have the same problem in the uk, also CEX are offering £140 for it so if you get 2 your be able to make a quick profit!

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