The Top 10 Franchises That Have Fallen From Grace | Like any other industry, gaming has seen long-running franchises that have fallen from their former glory. What are they, and what do they need to do to come back? Cassidee takes a look at the top ten fallen angels of gaming.

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TXIDarkAvenger2829d ago

Resident Evil has fallen...Well actually I'm on the fence about it, RE5 and RE6 were decent but Revelations was awesome so I have some faith it will go back to its survival horror roots.

Megaman could have been popular again if Capcom didn't cancel Megaman Legends 3.

AztecFalcon2829d ago

Mega Man... I still have hope.

kirbyu2828d ago

Not only was Sonic a must-own for SEGA fans, it was the only SEGA thing worth owning! (laughter)

Is the problem with FF possibly it focuses on graphics too much? Just look at the picture, you can barely tell it's a video game.