PS Home Beta 0.83 Footage Video 1 of 3/5 has anonymously received an email through their email containing one of possibly 3 to 5 videos of the new content in the Home Beta 0.83. They tried to reply back to email but apparently this party wishes to remain anonymous.

You can also download the video from

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wil4hire3939d ago

That is a world of change from the earlier videos. Even from the low res youtube video you can see a severe amp-age in graphics. The Chess looks Great as well. I can really see that they are working on this hard. Wow...

Cant wait for the other videos. Take as much time as you want Sony. I want it perfect.

MikeGdaGod3939d ago

i'm downloading the update now and i'll let you guys know whats new later

BobDog3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

oops ingore comment

gamesR4fun3939d ago

damn i cant wait hurry Sony

MikeGdaGod3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

first, graphics looks alot sharper

- picking out clothing and furniture is alot easier and faster. you can see everything in boxes so you know what the items looks like before even selecting them. scrolling through the items is fast and takes no loading time between items.

- personal pics can now be loaded in your personal space. i know it was suppose to be working with the last update but i didn't for me. it now does and i have a pic of my car in on the wall.

- new items on the virtual psp. under the personal section, My Inventory and My Purchases have been added. in my inventory there is a bubble machine. it makes and blows bubbles...........not much more to say about that.

- under locations section, Market Place and Owned Spaces have been added. when you select Owned Spaces, Basic comes up. this probably means you will have multiple Home Spaces and be able the pick one for default.

-under game launching, Create Game, Launch Game View Player List, and Cancel Game have been added.

-the new Market Place is DOPE!!! (thats a good thing)
first thing, everything thas offered right now is free, don't know how long that will last. its basically a mall with alot of different stores. clothing, home items (plants, toys, lamps).

the big thing is the real estate store. you can "buy" a summer house. you have to download it, but its really great. the house is WAY bigger the the one you start with. it has an upstairs and downstairs, two fireplaces, much bigger balcony and a different view.

more later.............need more bubbles to continue

MikeGdaGod3939d ago

you can now start games from within home. this works with games on disk, games saved on HDD, and demos. the only problem is when you exit the game, it takes you back to the very first screen in home and not the room that you were in when you launched the game. i'm sure this will be fixed.

everything else seems to be cosmetic. all the menus and screens look different. even the Home icon is slightly different. your avatar can wear jewelry but the variety of clothing is very limited now (as of right now). thats about all i've noticed but maybe sony will come out and say something because there isn't even anything on the virtual psp menus that tells us all the new update info and there usually is.

that is all

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EZCheez3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

It just needs that one thing that keeps people coming back.

Some sort of WoW hook where you make your character better over time somehow. I think it looks amazing but I also think that it's possible I could tire of it within a month if there isn't something else to do other than conversate and collect items.

I want Home to rock and i'm really looking forward to it. I just hope Sony finds out how to make the avatars upgradeable in some way that would keep the average person not interested in things like this coming back for more. It would be like WoW for example. It's more of a social experience than anything, but at it's heart is a video game, and players continue to come back so that they can maximize the most of their player.

All in all, I guess I'm saying I hope they actually do treat Home like a video game because it really needs a catch that will keep people coming back.

MikeGdaGod3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

they really need to find a way to keep people coming back to Home. the only time when alot of people are on there is when there's an update. then everyone disappears.

i'm really hoping they let us run Home as the OS for the PS3. that would force people to spend more time in Home because then they'd always be there if they're not in a game.

EDIT: yeah, i've alreay said exactly that to sony. in-game XMB on the virtual PSP.

EZCheez3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

With full access to the XMB on the virtual PSP. That's one way to make sure people visit. It would be great if that was an option.

I just want something other than interactivity with other people to actually make me want to go into Home.

It's might sound stupid, but there should be visually noticable rewards that other people in Home can see when your avatar accomplishes something IN Home. Something that would make others aim to get what you have, just like in every other multiplayer game.

EDIT-BobDog- Yes, I know that but that wasn't my point. What i'm trying to get across is that if you don't make Home something that you can actually progress in by winning things or making your character better, people will tire of it faster. That's why I said Sony should treat Home as if it IS a video game.

BobDog3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

you do realise home is NOT a game?

no the word is realise i am not american

Lifendz3939d ago

that the word is realize and not "realise."

Rockwallaby3939d ago

not every country has butchered the english language like America

BobDog3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

yes rockwallaby, btw how many english speaking countries spell it realize? 1?

English American English
all right all right, alright (disputed)
analyse analyze
centre center
cheque check
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criticise, criticize criticize
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favour favor
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flavour flavor
fulfil fulfill
grey gray
honour honor
humour humor
jewellery jewellery, jewelry
judgement, judgment judgment
kerb curb
labour labor
license, licence (verb)
licence (noun) license (verb)
license (noun)
litre liter
metre meter
mould mold
neighbour neighbor
offence offense
practise (verb)
practice (noun) practice (verb)
practice (noun)
pretence pretense
programme program
pyjamas pajamas
realise, realize realize
savour savor
speciality specialty
theatre theater
travelling travelled, traveled
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tyre tire
valour valor

to mention a few

ThatArtGuy3939d ago

Realise is correct in British spelling.

EZCheez3939d ago

Thanks for killing what could have been a decent conversation with comments that have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS VIDEO.

jwatt3939d ago

Do you guys think the ability to launch a game from inside home will keep people coming back? Do you think Maybe more games like chess and pool or a new batting cage for baseball could help?

I'm not in the beta so im just asking. What would you guys want to see in Home that you think would have people coming back?

Omegasyde3939d ago

You said that there needs to be a hook for home to work right?
(continuing on with conversation ^^^)
Simple, Do what the Wii is doing with "Mii's"

I am not saying they should blantantly copy the idea but get a feel that people are going to get something new and interesting everytime they log on. Sort of like email...

A everybody votes channel sounds stupid and redundant but people turn on thier Wii's to see if there choice was selected. People also check and see if their mii was a winner of a certain look alike contest. Then there is the news channel,weather channel, etc.

So how can home use these hook but be different?
Free games...Check
Voice communication with friends check, PSN mail...Check
New items weekly...check.

Sony has the hardcore semi-interested but what about the casuals?

My hypothesis, is that Sony should start having a multiple avatar system and weekly contest. The casual people need more of reason to spend that $400 as well. So how does Sony get them?

The contest have winners who are rewarded either PSN money (for PSN games) and global achievements for score boards for games with in home. All tech stuff aside, perhaps Home should include tamagotchi pets as well within in Home? (I don't know why no one thought of this)

Where the user has to log on home to care for the pet. To make things even more interesting people should get special pets for certain accomplishments or for winning contest. Just like World of Warcraft, people like to "show off" their gear/items.

If pets and contest aren't simple enough to give people a quick hook...then I don't know what is. Its working for the Wii (- pets)

Jen5en3939d ago

The problem is, that if they made Home a WoW-like experience, it would eliminate Home's role as a simple online-service, and transform it into a Second Life clone. Personally, I think it's important that Home remains a sober experience without to much bling bling; when people can access PS3 games from within Home, it's gonna be crowded. Remember that Sony wants people to play their games, thus making Home an addictive experience would defeat that purpose IMO.

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Surfman3939d ago

I hope the countdown on is a real countdown. Home is gonna be great for the gamers.

Bowzabub3939d ago

Word is that the beta testers have Home all to themselves until 3-31. And's countdown would end on 3-20, not quite adding up. Trust me, I hope it's real, but....

rofldings3939d ago

Home looks awesome; bg music in that video = not so awesome. :[

akaFullMetal3939d ago

wow, it really runs really smooth, and things dont take forever to load, like the shops and the chess, cant wait to try this out and get everyone in my room, launching games and showing my stuff, going to be awesome.

wonder how many porn rooms are going up , ahahahhahh ............hmmm

wageslave3939d ago

It took almost 1:30 to get started.

That aint exactly "fast".

Skerj3939d ago

Uh dude, it took that long because whoever made the video purposely zoomed in and took time to show everything as proof that what they were showing was valid. I thought that would have been obvious by them going into the info on the XMB and the various prompts that asked to press x to continue that they paused on.

wil4hire3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Whats sad is that wageslave has never played a playstation 3 in his life.

And decides to illustrate his ignorance by not even knowing the os.

***HUGE EDIT!!!:
SKERJ PLEASE... DONT UNLEASH YOUR ARMY OF DE-BUBBLERS!!! I meant "wageslave " not you!! heheh i need my 3 bubbles. Wageslave is pretty much a troll who always pretends that hes played blah and it sucks.

Skerj3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

You tell em Wil!! I have no idea wtf I'm talking about. ..


Since I don't look crazy later on (damn I really wanted to too), yes I figured you weren't talking about me or you were being facetious but decided to play along anyway.

gamesR4fun3939d ago

them bubbles r going fast maybe time 2 stop trolling the ps3 section?

bubbles --

Guwapo773939d ago

OMFG! Skerj you almost made Wil sh!t himself.

Wil4hire - you earned a bubble from me bro, you brought tears to my eyes.

HUGE EDIT!!!!!!!!! I saw the fear in your fingers pimpin'.

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