CheatCC Review: Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts

CheatCC writes: "With a name like Dungeon Explorer, you can probably surmise that the story will be just as generic. The game does feature multiple races at the character selection screen, but in the end, all pathways eventually follow the same major plot. Basically, the sorcerer of the kingdom, Deldren, implores the king to find some mighty warriors who will be able to seal up some monster infested dungeons. With a storyline this original, one can't help but feel excited, right? Well, if the sarcasm fooled you, then I believe you've already made your decision on picking up the game, but Hudson had quite a long time to release a sequel to a two decade old game. I'm pretty sure they could've come up with something with a little less of an "eighties" Saturday morning cartoon feel. Nevertheless, once you get beyond the introduction, you will have a chance to fashion your very own dungeon crawler. Excited yet? "

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