360GamerCast Review - Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

Level-5 and Studio Ghibli have been working together on Ni No Kuni for the past five years and all that time, money and hard work has paid off. The joint venture of the two studios has brought us one of the best JRPG’s of a generation.

Unlike the Final Fantasy series which has been trying to reinvent the wheel, Level-5 have mostly stuck with the tried and tested methods of the traditional JRPG and that is what makes this game so great. This is the type of game that I used to love playing during the Playstation era, great characters, emotional story telling whilst still leaving some things to the imagination of the player

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knifefight2835d ago

A somewhat ironic name for the site, heh.

That aside, this is a great game. Worthy of attention from anyone who has liked Japanese RPGs in the past, and would return to the staples that held the genre together in the 90's and early 2000's. I'm not saying you'll like it for SURE (because there is no game that pleases 100% of everyone), but the game deserves a look from that crowd.

THC CELL2835d ago

i no eh 360 sites reviewing ps3 games hahhaa lol
anyways yep this game is amazing i managed to download off psn usa store for advance copy and love it.

Army_of_Darkness2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Just like the good 'ol days, I've been addicted and have been enjoying the battle system and leveling up!
Oh and the graphics are also very easy on the eyes.

I agree with the review score of 9.5/10 because my minor issue is that I don't enjoy the dialog that much cause there isn't much humor or personality from the villagers and some of the characters you see often in the game... otherwise I would have given it a perfect 10.

blackbeld2835d ago

Hahaha lol.

That means they already giving up for this gen?

Anyway this game is a must!

Genuine-User2835d ago

Maybe the 360 stands for an all round gamer. My assumptions is that this site isn't dedicated to a single console.

ayabrea932835d ago

Friday can't come soon enough.

itBourne2835d ago

Im about 8 hours in and OMG, I love this game so far!

EddieNX 2835d ago

I wonder when Game informers 7/10 review for this game is going to waft on through N4g ?

Annoyed it got delayed a week in UK/EU. But am looking forward to see how good this game is!! It will have an extremely hard time moving Xenoblade chronicles from my number 1 Gen 7 RPG spot , but you never know.

Canary2835d ago

I hate Xenoblade.

Got to the second big area, and suddenly there are all these sidequests that are dependent on randomized weather conditions.

And since I'm the kind of gamer who can't skip sidequests, I basically can't advance. When I can play, it's basically just me sparing an hour to wait in-game for a thunderstorm, and then if a thunderstorm does happen, trying (so far unsuccessful) to track down the monster I'm supposed to kill, or something like that.

I do like the gameplay (and story) a lot better than that other 'big Wii RPG' that came out in NA whose name escapes me.

And... we're getting the third big game in NA, too, right? Pandora's Tower, was it?

Son_Lee2835d ago

Canary, you're thinking of The Last Story.

Canary2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

@Son Lee: Which is which?

Last Story sounds like the game we already have here in North America, whose combat system I don't like. So that would make Pandora's Tower the third game of the 'Operation Rainfall' trio.

Which I've heard conflicting statements on: sometimes I hear it, too, is coming to North America; other times I hear that it is not.

And is it wrong that your username makes me think of Son Goku and Bruce Lee?


And after a series of PMs with Kingoofwiiu, I feel I should point out that I do, in fact, quite enjoy Xenoblade, and was using the word 'hate' to hyperbolic effect.

Canary2834d ago

Will someone please explain to me how any part of that second post is in the least bit "disagreeable?"

God, I hate N4G.

mayberry2835d ago

I haven't played a lot of jrpg's in the past, but had to pick this up because of Studio Ghibli's involvement. Absoutely love it 5 hours in!