How Demon Gaze Makes Dungeon Crawling Friendlier

There’s also a neat ‘Auto-pilot’ feature, that will automatically take players to any previously visited areas. Also, the Magical Chalk, players can map out their dungeon routes to find certain treasures or just as a way to find the next floor.

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Canary2835d ago




I don't know what came over me.


tubers2835d ago

Nice 2D anime artwork.

Too bad I can barely understand Japanese.

Canary2835d ago

What I love (and hate) about Japanese is that the language itself is relatively simple and easy to understand... but the writing is among the most difficult.

And I say that as a native-English speaker who is studying Japanese, German, French, and Latin.

tubers2835d ago

I wish I had as much interest as you have for 5 different languages. :)

Canary2834d ago

Well, my interest isn't just abstract. I have definite goals.

Like, "I want to read Herman Hesse, so I need to learn German." Or, "I want to read Inoue Yasushi, so I need to learn Japanese."

But it is fun. As a kid, I always loved codes and ciphers and things like that, and there's no greater puzzle than human language.