CheatCC Review: The Spiderwick Chronicles for Xbox 360 / PC - Fun with the Unfriendly Goblins

CheatCC writes: "The game explains the story many of you already know, if you've seen the movie. Three children and their mom move into an old mansion that once belonged to their great aunt Lucinda and her family. Aunt Lucinda's dad, Arthur Spiderwick, was a writer, a biologist, and a nature observer. Throughout the years, he had dedicated his life to the study of not-so-mythical creatures that inhabited his surroundings. Unlike most of you may think, fairies, trolls, goblins, and even ogres actually exist - in The Spiderwick world, that is. The house is surrounded by all sorts of interesting live-beings, so he decided to document everything by creating a book that contains all the secrets and qualities of each of them. Jared, one of the two twin brothers, ends up finding the book in a secret room inside the house; before they know it, him, Simon, and their sister Mallory will be deeply involved into an unforgettable adventure. The ogre is the master in command, and he wants to get his hands on that book really badly, so he can exploit everyone's weaknesses and dominate the planet. He turns the goblins against the kids, and they will have no choice but fight those nasty, evil creatures until they're defeated and once and for all stop trying to steal the dangerous book. "

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