Unexpected Black Ops 2 patch goes live for 360

An unexpected patch for Black Ops 2 has popped up today for Xbox 360.

While Playstation 3 and Wii U owners will be waiting a little while longer, 360 owners received this major update prior to this weekend’s Double XP madness…

Full details inside.

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bub162823d ago

how was it unexpected? everyone was going on about it

JeffGUNZ2823d ago

Yeah I know right, there was multiple articles and even a tweet from black ops stating watch the patch was for. Also, didn't that patch spark a rumor about dinosaur?

Laughing Buddha2823d ago

FAIL! They still have not address the LAG problems.

berndogskate2823d ago

Fix the F;/king freezing on ps3 :/

listenkids2823d ago

Fix gun balance and bouncing Betty lag, thanks.

FunkMacNasty2823d ago

Does anyone know if people can use hacks like "aim-bot" on consoles? (I'm playing CoD on 360) I'm certainly not a beast at CoD, but sometimes when I watch my kill cams, It seems like some players have some instant lock on when they aim down sights at me. At some points it becomes really frustrating, especially when people on the other team wind up with ludicrous K/D ratios like 56:7, and you cant even acquire a target without getting lit up!

lol. Either way, I'm enjoying CoD for the first time since the original Black Ops, despite getting owned most of the time. Well done Treyarch.

ZoyosJD2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Entirely possible, yet most of the time it is the internet connection in combination with lag compensation. With a lag switch or just controlling you internet bit-rate (commonly by streaming youtube vids while playing), it is possible to get a half second jump on any other player in a given lobby.

If you want to have a real test of gaming skills you have to set up a lan party.

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