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Demon slayers with white hair and red coats need not apply.

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nthstew2825d ago

just bought the game from steam..The game is really good and i don't care what stupid gamer think of the game without even trying it.. that's insane.. First they complain about Nero and now when they get Dante they are still crying like babies... I have played all the previous DMC games(1,2,3&4)and i think it is not disappointing but better..

Blacktric2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

"stupid gamer"

Right... You enjoy your mediocre game and feel free to come back when you have an actual rebuttal to any of the actual complaints instead of using petty insults to get your point across. Or at least, when you have something different to say instead of copy pasting the same comment to other related articles.

Hufandpuf2825d ago

I don't plan on buying DMC, but it looks really fun from what I saw.

Elda2825d ago

@H&P...beleive me if you like h&s games DmC is fun,very entertaining.

2825d ago