Tech Analysis: God of War: Ascension demo

Digital Foundry take a look at the God of War: Ascension single player demo to see how improved--if at all--it is from the previous entry in the series.

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Walker2829d ago

This game is gonna be awesome !

Dwalls11712829d ago

I kinda dont like how they changed kratos body structure....I mean In God of war 3 his face was alil different and his body was much more built....
I mean ofcourse im gonna buy it day one ....but I hope tod pappy's changes done mess up the experience

srankin162829d ago

His appearance is supposed to be different as it represents a younger Kratos. Pretty sure the PSP prequels sported a younger, leaner Kratos as well.

I just hope the singleplayer isn't hampered by the addition of multiplayer.

IAmLee2829d ago

'Before he was a god, he was a man..'

that's the caption for the game... clues kinda in there..

knowyourstuff2829d ago

lol yeah... I take it you look the same as you did 10 years ago? oh wait...

Kratos looks the same, maybe not as roided out as he was in GOW3, but really who cares.

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showtimefolks2829d ago

If MP is good than its a added bonus but I buy GOW games for single player. This is pre ordered already collectors edition

Can't wait. This gets me so excited to see what Santa Monica can achieve on PS4. Also I hope Sony is paying attention to Santa Monica and buy the darksiders Ip oak g with its developer. Put them under Santa Monica banner and watch them blossome

Gamer19822829d ago

Dont know why these games are so popular in the US they are just a hack and slash game with platforming elements but hey, whatever helps sell consoles I guess. I love hack and slash games usually as I bought every Dynasty Warriors game released (i'm not comparing the games just type) and really couldn't get into any of these games..

Tiqila2829d ago

god of war is visually stunning, brutal and has a great story, thats why it is so popular, not only in the US.

Irishguy952828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

It's a Sony exclusive, and Sony fans seem to love Movie games.

The gameplay is bottom tier for a hack/slash/Action game. Almost every other Action game ahs the combat system done better. But God of war gets all the praise because it has Cinematic scene's in it. Well...what can I say, I prefer more game in my video games

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Ezz20132829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

nothing (and i mean in my life) made me almost pee in my pants like this

Liquid_Ocelot2829d ago

That's one ugly mf'er, damn.
It's huge too [that's what she said]

blackbeld2829d ago

That looks great man!

GOW always being a game that I enjoyed after a pissed day. It makes me feel better after I beat some big monsters and giving them fatality's and my day is good again.


Don't even bother with this demo, or even the bdemo that wil be released on PSN. The final full game will look miles and kilometers better. The same case happened to GOW3 and its demo and DIgitalFOundry discussed it.

HammadTheBeast2829d ago

Something tells me his left jaw will be feeling sore soon.

Kevin ButIer2829d ago

@ezz2013 this gif is from psp prequels?

Ezz20132829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

hmmm what ?! this is from GOWA

Kevin ButIer2829d ago

wo thx, totally missed that teaser

Sarcasm2829d ago

Imagine what they will do with a new console. I mean really, they are pushing every ounce of the PS3 when I didn't think it was possible.

Hudahudahuda2829d ago

That thing would be brick crapping scary if it wasn't for the fact that you are controlling kratos.

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BanBrother2829d ago

Damn, can't wait for the full run-down of this game. I am mostly looking forward to the comparisons between GOW 3 technically speaking. Mainly, I want to see the lighting and animations between the two.

DigitalRaptor2829d ago

God of War III was one of the most technically impressive console games of the past few years and the fact that Ascension is pushing a step further is quite the feat. The art style and animations just appear to be a whole lot smoother and the colour palette increased, and it looks just phenomenal.

Can't wait to see Digital Foundry's analysis on the final build, but more importantly can't wait to play the game!

MikeMyers2829d ago

You're right, it is impressive for a console game but I would still like to see games be higher than 1280x720 and not dip to 26fps. However even with new consoles coming I am sure games will still dip below 30fps because many publishers will still favor graphics over performance.

Lior2829d ago

I can tell you my pc can run 2560 x 1440 on Battlefield 3 with my GTX 690 on 40fps

mandf2829d ago

It would be a mistake for Sony or MS not to shoot for a standard 60fps and 1080p. I do feel a game at 720p at 60 fps could make for one beautiful game. GOW3 sections are the most beautiful artwork in motion I have ever seen. Some of the textures on parts of the game are still unmatched on console even to a point pc. Digital Foundary even said "Kratos character design was unmatched even to pc standards." That was in God of War 4 tech analysis.

Sarcasm2829d ago

It is impressive on not just a console, but a 6-7 year old console. PC's are so far ahead in terms of hardware power its not a fair comparison.

But this goes back to a point where developers get more creative and efficient when they work on limited hardware capabilities.

Hopefully by next-gen the rumors end up being true about the next PS and Xbox having PC-based hardware. That means developers can finally make stuff to keep up with PC hardware.

I've recently been doing the downscaling technique and my god, my PC games just look that much better. Currently playing Devil may cry at 3600x2025 downscaled to 1080p and not a single jaggie in sight! And the textures are so clear it cuts my eyeballs.

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miyamoto2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I guess things will never change.

The haters always call on the PC when they loose in the graphics department and call on the Wii when they loose in the sales argument.

Why can't these haters be man enough to face the truth.

I know PS3 games are made with the help of PCs, Sony Santa Monica developers even use 360 controllers for testing, and Wii/DSi games are made for younger kids and they compare sales of God of War to Pokemon.

Lior2829d ago

This game is going to be great and I am a pc gamer. getting my old ps3 out the closet when the demo hits

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