Gears of War Multiplayer maps

Only a few more weeks left for the game to be released, and again we have some news for you regarding Gears of War. Earlier today, Cliffy from Epic Games, posted on Epic Games forum that the Gears Of War Retail will come with 10 'Versus' maps! As he said, it was stated earlier that it would ship with only 8 maps, but according to Cliffy, that was just to be on the safe side of things. Two more maps finished on time, two more maps free with the game, another reason to buy it!

Multiplayer in Gears of War has always been a promising and important part from the game, if it turns out well, we could just have our Halo 2 replacement in the 'Xbox Live most played games' list (at least until Halo 3 comes out).

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THAMMER15906d ago

How many PS3 fans will break down and buy a 360 just to play gears of war. So far 6 guys at my job who claimed to hate Xbox have bought them since last month. So I guess the whole delay and price thing is a big deal.

Now they are all pumped up for gears like Richard Simmons imitators. Like " EEEWWWwwweee I can’t wait for gears it's going to be SSSSSSSSSSupper !!!" And just last month they were like how you like the 360 with no games. I guess the hype over Gears is bigger than I knew.
At least I'll have some test dummies for death match on those maps.

Thanks Mart.

TheMART5906d ago

True, so true, even die hard Sony fans are stepping in. Maybe even only for Gears of War. They see the ingame footage and they say:

"You know I really want Killzone 2/3 whatever it may be named, after seeing the CGI of E3 2005. But till when do I have to wait??? Sony got that stuff out at spring 2005!!! Europe won't get the PS3 hardware before SPRING freaking 2007!!! And when will Killzone 2/3 arrive? Spring 2009??? Man I am getting that CGI but then ingame with Gears even better with chainsaw action at Christmas 2006 and the hardware is here, now and doing graphics I don't see in any game on the PS3. I am done, I'll jump in"

Just that you hear buzzing around. And there will be more people like that. Seeing Bioshock only for 360, getting Assassins Creed, GTA4 with 2 exclusive settings to download, Forza 2, Fable 2, Halo Wars, Too Human, Huxley, Lost Planet, Halo 3, Viva Piniata, GRAW

They just bend and snap and suddenly they're 360 all the way.

And with these MP maps, I expect there will be so much more on marketplace to download over time. Gears will be huge

co_ray5906d ago

lots of sony fans will start to change....for of my friends 2 months ago was diehard Sony...talking down 360 all the he is 360 all the way, he even works at Gamestop and is like 360 obsessed...quite weird

uuuunvnv25906d ago

im a 360 fan all the way, but the 3 comments so far ar going to start a flam war like no other. i completely understand what you guys are saying b/c i have a few guys at my job that i have converted and now they are haveing fun with the 360. as for the article, the extra maps are going to be sweet 10 is alot better than 8. i think in shooting games like GRAW and gears, the more maps the better. Only splinter cell can get away with shipping like 6-8 maps simply b/c learning all the little ways the spy can go takes a while.

THAMMER15906d ago

My comment might start a flame war. But that is not my reason for posting. I'm just pointing out that people are beginning to wake up and smell the 360 and gears is one of the main reasons.

The guys I posted about really were @ss holes about the 360. And the only reason was they thought others were being @ss holes about the PS2 and Sony when that just is not the case. People were just telling them that the 360 is awesome and not really taking any shots at the PS3 or PS2. Sony takes enough shots at them self.

And do not get it twisted the PS2 was fun it was just not as powerful as it was promoted to be. And for the topic of the article BR is a Trojan horse for Sony and they have misinformed the mass as to the puropuose of BR play back. They openly said that games need it when games do not. Sony needs to sell it and that is it. Gamers do not have to except that.

But if the PS3 is totally awesome I'll but one so far I have yet to come across anything that says the PS3 is worth $600.00. Only fan boys and buy every console gamers think it’s worth it. And if my post starts a flame war it just proves I right.

mishmosh5906d ago

So none of these maps are for deathmatch? only coop team play?

uuuunvnv25906d ago

co-op would mean playing single player with someone else. multiplayer means deathmatch. these are 2 more multiplayer maps

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