X-Play Preview: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Morgan Webb brings you an early look at the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

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wil4hire3889d ago

Not only the replay, but the inside view makes me feel like I'm watching SPEED network.

Violater3889d ago

Xplay have not done their job as GT5P for the US will have more than 60 cars.

wil4hire3889d ago

Of course. They are die hard 360 fans. We know this from reviews/previews/comments. Still decent summary.

techie3889d ago

Not only that Vio, but she says "not all the cars are playable" when they are. It's simply that you can't buy some of them - because you win them when you complete the stages. All they've done is play one race and not unlocked anything. This is a preview of the Japan version, which is thus not early at all. XPLAY FAIL

Fishy Fingers3889d ago

I just hope that one of the 5 prologue stages is a Rally Stage of some sort.

timmyrulz3889d ago

Have demo's been reviewed? and dont tell me no bull crap about 60 cars etc etc, its not a full game its a large demo and to add insult to injury, you have to pay, whats that all about. Disagrees commence please fanboys...............

Dareaver13888d ago

but i won't stop at damage, how about tire marks, the tire smoke and dust when that car went into the sandtrap looked horrible. And that same old tire screech, that gets tired.

GT is what got me into racing simulation games, and i haven't looked back, but when you play games like Forza 1 & 2, and Pro Race Driver, you begin expecting more.

I'm sorry, but this is a huge disappointment, the graphics are beautiful, but that doesn't make a game for me, especially a racing simulator. I need more realism than photorealistic graphics.... Tire marks are important, tire screeching is important and should vary. I think that's the same wav file from the original. The tire noise should increase with the increased loss of traction, not just be the same noise, and also the more tires involved in loosing traction should be discernable.

I'm sorry, Forza 2 has raised the bar as far as realism (outside of graphics, which i still think are great) goes. The gameplay mechanics are arguably the best, the AI is awesome and life like and aware, the physics handling is best by far, and there is realistic tire marks, smoke, and sounds that help encapsulate you in a wondrous experience.

When i get my PS3, this unfortunate demo won't be one i purchase, hopefully the real game will address some of the issues i am concerned with.

she00win993889d ago

if the final game still has no damages in the cars when you crush them, then it's going to be a huge disappointment, you can forgive that on the last generation but in this generation, not anymore..

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