With Zelda U and Wind Waker HD Coming, There's No Hope For Majora's Mask Remake

With the huge announcements made for Zelda U and Wind Waker HD, a lot of fans have rejoiced. But to every upside, there is a down. That would be that the odds of Majora's Mask being remade have lowered substantially.

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xflo3602829d ago

Actually dont be shocked if its at e3 on the 3ds.
Ocarina of time did well on 3ds so majoras mask on 3ds makes sense.

EddieNX 2829d ago

Indeed. Majora's mask and Ocarina don't need or even merit 3D remakes. To turn N64 games into HD you basically have to rebuild the entire game from the ground up. However as demonstrated with ocarina 3D with just a simple re-texturing and the pre rendering replaced with real time and a few other effects in 3D looks absoloutly amazing and suits the 3DS graphics level perfectly.

So Majora's mask should get the same treatment as Ocarina did for 3DS and maybe they should add a Master quest mode or something to up the content a little.

Windwaker , TP , Skyward sword are much more suitable for HD remakes.

ElectricKaibutsu2829d ago

I agree. I mean, they already have the engine running on 3DS. It'd be a waste not to make MM.

AJBACK2FRAG2829d ago

I pray there's still a chance. It's still so early in the WiiU's lifecycle. I should be satisfied with the W.W. remake but like most Nintendo fans I'm never satisfied! Get to work boys!

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iamnsuperman2829d ago

Don't count it out just yet. Depends on how long the next zelda game takes to develop. I mean we have only been told that there is one and have been show nothing (tech demo doesn't count as it was a tech demo for the system). We could be getting a HD remake of this as well. Just depeds on how long zelda takes to develop

EvilFluff912829d ago

I never really liked Majora's Mask, I prefer Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time but I hope we do get a remake it'll be good for the fans and for a new generation to get a chance to play it. :)

jacksheen00002829d ago

Please Nintendo no more rehashes.Put all of your effort toward making new IPs. We have a bunch of the same old stuff as it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.