The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Collector’s Edition

Kotaku got its hands on the new Hyrule Historia Collector’s Edition book and OMG does it look good. To give you a little bit of background: About a year ago the Hyrule Historia book was released in Japan, it has a lot of pictures, information and most notably a Hyrule history timeline. The book will go on sale next week in the States.

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Lucreto2834d ago

I have it ordered can't wait to get it.

Canary2834d ago

Me too. It's only a few days away, right?

I do wonder how much content it will have that I haven't already seen on the Internet. Wonder and worry.

Lucreto2834d ago

I am sure we will have seen some of it but we don't have it all in one book.

nzk02833d ago

I live in Mexico and shipping things here is expensive. I'll try my best to find it though, I really want this :'(

zalanis2833d ago

woa is that link spitting out dialogue at 1:08. even if it is in comic book form. sweet, i alwys wonder wht type of stuff he'd say or what he was thinking.