Pelican charger blamed for PSP burning

Investigators revealed Tuesday that an after-market charging device may have played a role in a 12-year-old boy's PSP overheating and causing second-degree burns. Back in February 6 of this year, seventh grader Herald Clay's PSP overheated in his pocket, causing burns to his left thigh.

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akaFullMetal3889d ago

haha, i read this a while back, and now a 3rd party piece of junk does it, ahaha, to bad for the kid though

Skerj3889d ago

That's exactly what we said all along. I knew Pelican had something to do with it from the beginning.

HeartlesskizZ3889d ago

they dont really know how to make gadgets at all...kind of like Madcats... 20% of their stuff works and 80% dies or breaks