NEW 'Super Nintendo' game (Yes, Super Nintendo!) Game In Development for 2013

Who wants to dust off their old Super Nintendo?
Bust out the old TV adapter and pick up a corded controller.
It's been almost 15 years since the last cartridge was made for the 16 bit system.

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TruthbeTold2398d ago

I play Tetris attack semi-regularly on my old SNES. I'll at least have to check this out.

hotrider122398d ago

JUST BOUGHT RETRO PORTABLE the system is awesome
enable you to connect to your HD tv im playing SNES contra alien war 3 goood lord REAL arcade gaming is back.
im able to play
Battletoad/double dragon
etc....... i'll pass on first person shooter now.

0ut1awed2397d ago

Never knew about g-darius in the nintendo days.

That is however one of my favorite games for the ps1. Those boss battles were the most epic to date at the time.

ATi_Elite2397d ago

May just have to dust off the SNES Emulator!

I still play Star Fox and Street Fighter 2 on my SNES EMu every now and then!

Divine2397d ago

wow i cant believe there's actually more buzz for a super nintendo game than for a wii u game, but super nintendo is a better system and its getting more support than wii u

AO1JMM2397d ago

There is more buzz because it is a new super nintendo game. A very old system in other words.

Gamer19822397d ago

They will never get $60 for a SNES game in this day and age though.

TruthbeTold2397d ago

Well there are only something like 600 copies being made, so I assume the price is just as much a collector's price as anything else. Not to mention that for developers of this level, their skill level may mean that they actually had to put A LOT of hours into this, and the price point was created as a direct reflection of that. Who knows?

TAURUS-5552397d ago

im more excited to this super NES than the wii u.

IAmLee2397d ago

It's so ironic... I've been sat here saying they need to make a SNES game in 2013 and then they do... Pretty sure some crafty sod at nintendo has bugged my room..

FamilyGuy2397d ago

"Feb 28, 2012 6:00 PM"

Everything about this article is trolling us. 450 degrees for a Kotaku post from last year that has incorrect information in it to begin with.

Benjaminkno... for shame

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spok222398d ago

Finally a new game! Been waiting for a while now...

ahronith2397d ago

Skeptics were right...Games on Nintendo
systems are few and far between!

3GenGames2397d ago

Since last year!

Last SNES game released: 2012.
Last NES game released: 2013.

You should check out Homebrew for the systems, there's tons of new content being released for NES. Not so much SNES but that may be changing. :)

And the prices are usually about $35 per copy, maybe a bit more or less. Depends on the hardware, really.

I'm an NES homebrewer BTW, hence why I am in to this stuff. :) But yeah there's some great games, I'd recommend checking them all out. Lots of great free ROMS of new games, just keep looking!

parkerpeters2398d ago

There is a thriving community of SNES devs out there making games on flashcarts. This is not news.

Temporary2398d ago

It's certainly news to me ... not all of us have the finger on that pulse like you my friend ...

Lord_Sloth2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

This just in: Titanic sank!

I kid, I kid. Seriously though, people have been doing this for so many years now you don't have to keep a "finger on the pulse" to know it. XXXD

parkerpeters2397d ago

I understand that some people aren't aware of niche developers, like those developing for SNES, NES, and Dreamcast, but they are out there, and there are a lot of them (well maybe fewer for dreamcast, but still) The point is, Kotaku does not do their research. There are quite a few people still developing for the SNES because it is easy and fun to develop for.

Again, it is a niche market, so it is not expected that many people know about it, but a gaming "journalist" for Kotaku should, especially if it is the basis for their article.

TitanUp2397d ago

2 or 3 games released last your for the snes. its really not new

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2398d ago


We need a New System Tab. Seems N4G got rid of the Super Nintendo tab too soon.

"Why are you Posting Super Nintendo Info on a WiiU Tab?"

shivvy242398d ago

Hahaha Best Comment Ever

jon12342398d ago

wow, i bet now a days, it isnt to difficult or expensive to develop a game that looks like this, and theyre selling it for 60 bucks with no competition, pretty smart

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