Next-Gen: Why Sony Should Wait on Microsoft

Sony says they are going to wait until Microsoft announces the next Xbox to show off the PS4, but is that really a good idea? Joshua Mobley of VGU.TV thinks so.

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StrongMan2830d ago

Well written article. Sony is in the driver seat now and next gen.

konnerbllb2830d ago

Xbox has sold more than PS3 to date, have you read the article? Sure PS3 has shipped 1 mil more, but MS has more consoles sold. Shipped ≠ Sold

Also if they were in the drivers seat they wouldn't be waiting for MS to go first. Sounds like they are riding shotgun.

morkendo232830d ago

no one know what these companies are doing currently. remember this site ONLY report rumors
far as im concern the gamers in the driver seat.
(buying power)

extermin8or2830d ago

Nah Sony have actually said they don't want to announce any details till after Microsoft has; they said they don't want to risk the competitor making last min changes to ensure they aren't left behind in technologically etc. I think it stems back to when Sony annonced the CEL etc for the ps3 last gen Microsoft went to IMB and used the SPu design of the CELL in their design, only like 3 of them and in a different structure etc but it still pissed sony off apparently at the time. Fair enough if they don't want to risk it; if they come out the gate with something really new and innovative and powerful then it might make sense why they didn't want their competitors to know till it was too late- downside is tat you have less time between announcement and release for the hype train to gain as much momentum as possible

blackbeld2829d ago

"Currently Microsoft has sold 74.25 million consoles worldwide while Sony has sold 72.49 PlayStation 3 consoles worldwide. Sony did however just out ship the Xbox 360 worldwide, totaling 77 million units shipped opposed to Microsoft’s 76 million units."

Must be a BIG PILL for 360 fanboys.

Microsoft back to 3e place again!

MaxXAttaxX2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

The reason why 360 sold more (at first), was because it launched 1 year before the PS3. Plain and simple.

"Shipped ≠ Sold" True, but you also sound desperate.
It shipped more because it sells more. The fact that the PS3 has cut the 360's initial 9 million lead down to nothing, is proof enough.

Also, Sony and Microsoft are in two different cars. Sony is simply being smart. It may not be much, but there's a slight strategic element to their decision.

Army_of_Darkness2829d ago

Besides the given 4K support and blu-ray, I wonder what else sony has up their sleeves for the ps4??

kneon2829d ago

Sigh.. once again manufacturers don't track when consumer electronics are sold to the end customer, they are considered sold when they are sold to a retailer or distributor.

And even if you refuse to believe that, no retailer keeps months of stock on hand, so even if you want to say the number is shipped rather than sold then in a couple of weeks that shipped number will be the sold number.

MikeMyers2829d ago

"Sony is in the driver seat now and next gen."

Sorry to burst your avatar but no they are not in the driver seat. In fact nobody is. The days of the PS2 dominating the field are long gone. In fact the playing field has changed since then. Game publishers are driven by sales and we now have a much broader market of potential customers. It's no longer aimed at just the hardcore gamer. So while the Wii started off strong it has in recent years started to fizzle. That doesn't mean the more casual gamer is gone from the equation.

Look, no matter how many exclusives Sony provides for your enjoyment they still don't control the market. In fact it's anyone's guess how the next gen will unfold. There are reasons why it may be beneficial for Sony to wait. They still have the PS3 to push and Vita to market. They are also not as financially stable to keep releasing new products. Lastly and more importantly is the Xbox 360 is more dated than the PS3 so it is Microsoft who should flinch first anyways.

ShinMaster2829d ago

Xbox 360 has also sold more... to the same people lol

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EddieNX 2829d ago

Sorry but from a Neutral Nintendo point of view , Sony is not in the driving seat for many reasons.

A- They are in a horrible shape financialy and can' afford to take any risks and now have the Vita looming over their shoulders
B- Nintendo Have the big popular first party IP and it's hard for Sony to compete with them on that front look at PSABR and PS move for example
C- Microsoft is the hottest thing in USA right now with Developers prioritising development for the xbox and not the playstation.

All American third party support in the 8th gen is once again going to be more optimized on the next Xbox.

Sony is still awesome , but in the driving seat ? definitely not.

Ezz20132829d ago

*Nintendo Have the big popular first party IP and it's hard for Sony to compete with them on that front look at PSABR and PS move for example *

stopped reading right there

Knight_Crawler2829d ago

I think next gen both MS and Sony have to being some totally diffrent from each othet to the table.

This gen software and console features were almost the same on the PS3 and 360.

Online: both had it one was free the other was lsighlty better.

Achivements and Trophies - samething diffrent name.

Games: Sony had more exclusive but gamers spoke with there wallets and multiplats like Call of Duty abd GTA are king.

Gimmick for the casuals: Move and Kinect

Apps: both conso;es have them.

I can not think of more right now but my point was that Sony nor MS offered soemthing drasticlly diffrent from each other to say OMG I want the PS3 over the 360 or vice versa.

Skype intergrated well on the xbox is one feature that will set the 720 apart from the PS4.

and Gaikai intergrated well on the PS4 will do the same for Sony.

nukeitall2829d ago

Technically the Xbox 360 differentiate itself pretty well from the PS3, with a well developed online network (with cross game chat and later party chat among other things), achievements first and Kinect.

Kinect might have been fueled by Nintendo's motion control, but none the less it is a huge differentiating factor from Nintendo compared to PS Move.

Sony this entire generation spent their time copying the competition while MS and Nintendo led in their own way.

This just seems like a repeat of that.

jmac532829d ago

There is not much Sony or Microsoft could change in regards to specs to counter the competition if we are talking even a couple months. It would cost millions upon millions just to change one component and that's not even mentioning the R&D. Sony can't afford that right now and they are just posturing. Microsoft is in the better position to do that right now.

rainslacker2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

In theory they could

-change the amount or speed of memory
-offer a feature not thought of initially instead of adding it in later.
-increase the clock speed of the CPU or possibly upgrade it to another one within the same class and pin structure(like PC CPU's are capable of doing)
-increase the hard drive size
-increase the read speed of the Blu-ray
-add an additional service for free they first sought to monetize
-change the initial asking price
-increase the clock speed or use a better GPU in the same class as their currently designed one...similar to CPU above.
-or decide they have to change nothing

Not everything means a major redesign of the system, and I think his comment was more about having to see what the competition was offering before reacting to it.

Granted...what they have hardware wise is probably what we're going to get at this late stage. Only change would be if the PS3 is significantly less powerful than the 720. However, I'm pretty confident that both companies know what the other is going to offer already...or at least close to it. They have really good researchers, and buy tech off each other which could give them a decent idea of what is to be.

user39158002829d ago

Well written? Lol.. The article was based on a bias stand of a myth, with the lack of foundation, facts, and superstitions of a view. Not even analyst dare to sugest what will be the right move. Im a Sony suporter and even I can tell he was incoherent and looking for hits. I see it as is, the more they wait the less sales they have during that period, does not takes a genius to know that in order for you to sale a product it has to be in the market. The sooner MSD its out in the market the faster they will earned more gamers that can only afford 1 console, its a fact temptation will be there. Waiting for someone else to show its not a positive thing, it only shows incompetenced and lack of security in your own products. Less powerfull console does not equal less sales. I support sony for their gaming knowledge of producing rich content of new exciting gaming titles, not for their waiting on their rears, to see what their competitor does. Mark this day, Sony and MS will be so similar to each other this gen, that the transfer will be nearly identical, they both have 8 core cpu from the same company, if rumors are to be believe ram are the same, sony with 5gb ddr5 and ms with 8 ddr 3. ddr 5 runs 2x faster but does not carry as much, DDR5 is like having 1x ddr5 = 2ddr3. They are so similar that by comparison the main thing making the changes will occur with the GPU and how much edram will be used on the system. Either way, I dont care, cause to run most pc games its almost always been less than 4, meaning the consoles will be able to do what they can in a better scale, since they are for gaming. I hate rumors, but its all one can do till the facts comes out lol... And the articke was garbage in my own opinion, just more flamebait, for those that wants to argue and establish an escape to the virtual BS of gaming.

Sucitta2829d ago

your wall of text had me gag.. please stop.

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Irishguy952830d ago

They should wait so they can attempt to Copy the 360's impressive System Software..again.

Prodigy-X2830d ago

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what impressive system software. You mean those two generic shooters.

Prodigy-X2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

My bad. You talking about their bad Operating System.

NukaCola2829d ago

I remember when LIVE used to be those blades aka 6 pages of boring text. But MS ripped of Nintendo's Miis and Sony's XMB and created the NXE. Now it's I don't know what..

SandWitch2830d ago

Yeah, Sony should copy those impressive ads

kayoss2830d ago

Copy? Name me one thing that ps3 copied the Xbox 360?
1. Ps3 had wifi at launch built in. Xbox didn't you have to buy it.
2. Ps3 you could upgrade with any compatible hardrive at launch. Xbox you have to buy microsoft hard drives.
3. Ps3 you can use third party peripherials. Xbox you have to use licensed peripherials.
4. Ps3 had bluray. Xbox had DVD.
5. Ps3 had hdmi at launch. Xbox don't.
6. Ps3 was more powerful then the Xbox.
7. Xbox have impressive software I agree but the first two years. But after that Sony had more impressive exclusives and software.
I own both consoles but your comment make you an immature dumbass.

DOMination-2829d ago

He's talking about the operating system. I guess he meant in game xmb and trophies. Can't think of much more though.

extermin8or2830d ago

O_o sorry the OS was not great on the xbox, whereas the XMB has won several design awards and awards for just generally being awesome :p It may feel old now but it's still very practical and usable and looks nice- also it's served the ps3 well over it's lifetime with new stuff being able to be easily added without making it feel really confused or cluttered...

Daoshai2829d ago

To say the ps3 OS is better than the xboxs is just plain silly. Even you diehard fanboys honestly know Microsoft's is better, that's what they do.

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PS4isKing_822830d ago

I personally feel that Sony is in a better position lately. Their stock is beginning to go back up recently and Kaz is doing a great job bringing them back.

Plus they won't make the same mistake like they did with the ps3.

PS4 will be plenty capable i'm sure but also much more affordable as well like the ps2 was.

Sony will absolutely have an incredible launch planned for ps4.

So them waiting again tells me they have a plan and they're confident in it.

Otherwise they wouldn't choose to go last again.

TheOneEyedHound2830d ago

To me the only reasons they won't launch it first, either they got something big that they don't want M$ to copy, or they are not confident in their product, and will wait for M$ to release it to upgrade it better than the NEXTBOX.

2830d ago
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