PS3 Informer Intel: 8 Days Looks Better Than Killzone 2. Will Be Awesome

"Ever wonder what happened to 8 days? We sent our PS3informer spy out to infiltrate Sony's studios to see what they could uncover. Turns out the game is going to be far better than any of us imagined. (And no, this isn't a 'rumor').

The trailer and gameplay demo was shown in private by someone at the Sony London Team and was not the Tears of Blood game the BBC reporter saw. (Oh, by the way, the game the BBC reporter saw was the new Magna Carta game 'Tears of Blood'.) Most importantly: the game is still in development. So far, it looks better than any game so far shown or in existence (even killzone 2)"

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Sevir043888d ago

Games Blow knew something we dont. I cant wait to see how it's progressed ^^ this is certainly interesting.

Hydrollex3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

EA sucks !

nUbisoft !

All these mofos need to learn to make good games on the PS3 !


those poor developers were the reason why there are some people that say Xbox 360 is more powerful than PS3

NO_PUDding3888d ago

Hydrolex... EA did do some crappy ports, but their focus is on PS3 this year, and Ubisoft actually never created those crappy ports, only produced by Ubi, the development/portign teams were outsourced.

ruibing3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Finally we have Sony's internal studios competing with each other for the best gameplay and graphics. This is how we get the real quality games. It is going to be a great year.

EA talks a lot but so far they have not proven their worth at all. I think it will all depend on Army of Two.

decapitator3888d ago

When Will this madness stop ? In commemoration of the news flow today from Sony, I officially announced today to be PS3-AWESOME DAY.

Guess that Tears of Blood game was true after all, this year and next will be so so awesome.

EZCheez3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

He just read this article before anyone else posted it and made his own blog about it.

I'm leaning towards him seeing this first only because it has the exact same picture as what was on his blog.

OR, he writes for PS3Informer.

Who knows. I don't, but i'm guessing it's one of those two options.

[email protected] I'm not saying what he wrote isn't true. I'm just saying he might have used this as his source. Besides, his blog is turned off now and is only available to "preferred member."

mikeslemonade3888d ago

This is proof that PS3 has legs. Already from this article we can conclude that PS3 graphics will keep getting better. The graphics capabilities will not plateau any time soon like some other system.

decapitator3888d ago

I was actually thinking that too but everything in his post sound so great and amazing that I want to believe.

sonarus3888d ago

lol wow. Just a bit over a yr see what ps3 is accomplishing. At this point devs just have to admit their laziness. lol not to be harsh its damn hard to work on ps3 so big props to the sony team in london

Lifendz3888d ago

The sound of me wetting my pants. I'm going to go hug my PS3.

fanboi hater3888d ago

same except for me i dont think it was urine lol

sonarus3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Fanboyism aside with the addition of this game assuming what GI is saying is true. PS3 is the best console for at least 2008. I remember power of Green saying sony already announced all their games for 08. As soon as msoft announced gears sony comes with eight days. Can't wait for sony gamers day. Hopefully we get to see one more NEW games as well cus i know sony isnt done yet. Now with MGS4, resistance 2, LBP, KZ2, 8days, GT5, confirmed for 2008 the ps3 line up is hotter than ever. Any true gamer who isnt just a sony hater should feel free to jump on sony band wagon.

Now i propose the question was krazy ken kutaragi right. Is the xbox really more like an xbox 1.5 and not full next gen???? I got to say from the titles ps3 is managing to push it is more debatable than ever

mikeslemonade3888d ago

It will take 360 two years for them to bring out another game with better graphics than there last best graphics game. Gears launching in 11/06 will finally be surpassed by Gears 2 in 11/08. For PS3 the games graphically get better every few months. Killzone 2 won't be king of graphics for long only to be surpassed by another PS3 game coming out in under 6 months.

Omegasyde3888d ago

Sony Gamer day will have Socom as well...and I am not talking about Socom Confrontation but SOCOM 4.

I still think its BS however that SCEA is going to Hype Singstar (US) at around the same time. The game has been ready for the USA since January.

By the way guys, Magna Carta: Tears of Blood has already been out. That is not the correct title. So the "mystery" game is still out there.

Whom ever said it was Magna Carta: Tears of Blood is completely wrong. Atlus is in charge of that game in which is a 3rd party. The super mystery game is a first party developer in England not a 3rd party developer in Japan.

masterg3888d ago

Ahh man com'on you're killing me.

I already have like 10 must buy PS3 games in 2008. One more added to the list. Thank god I only have one (Gears 2) on my X360.

sonarus3887d ago

i have 1 must buy for 360:(. Ninja gaiden. I didnt get swayed by the teaser trailer. i will make my decision when they are ready to show a teaser trailer

Harry1903887d ago

for this one.i've been tracking it since e3 06.
the lack of news was scary,i'm fine.
and i'm not the only one.

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Maddens Raiders3888d ago

and smiled like the Cheshire Cat.

Douche3888d ago

This is what I look like right now...

EZCheez3888d ago

Where my brand new 360 died.

I also smiled, because now I have even more money to put towards some great PS3 games.

Homicide3888d ago

I don't think I can sleep tonight. I'm so excited.

NegativeCreepWA3888d ago

lol. After I read that, I looked up at my ps3 and wondered when was the last time I turned it on.

gambare3888d ago

the mine is filling the space over my home theater were my deceased 360 used to be.

and it got a grim smile >_>

OC Shock Value3888d ago

LOL i did the same thing man as soon as i read your comment

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Milkman5413888d ago

Wow E3 I think is going to be outta control...Everyone is going to be pulling out all the stops..The next year is very important in the system race!

Douche3888d ago

The PS3's first year will be marked as just the building blocks of what's really to come. It's quite obvious to assume that there's gonna be burnt holes in my pockets by the time this year alone is over. I'm gonna have to ask my boss for a raise, LOL. I think he'll understand.

ravinash3887d ago

And while your at it, ask God for more hours in the day.

CaliGamer3888d ago

All that KZ2 talk and all the while that was just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, can't wait to see what will happen now that Sony is taking off the gloves and spitting out the mouth guard.

No more B!TCH slappin, its time for real blows to be thrown.

pwnsause3888d ago

guess gamesblow was right lol

EZCheez3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

He probably either writes for this website, or he saw this website before anyone else.

I only think this because the picture on his blog is the exact same as the one on this website.

EDIT-Don't think i'm attacking Gamesblow. It's just obvious though that the picture on his blog and the picture on this site are one and the same. Also, his blog is now blocked from everyone but "preferred members."

Ri0tSquad3888d ago

taking a nap or something? He's usually on here a lot.

SlappyMcTaint3887d ago

Oh yeah, well, we still have Gears 2 that will pwn all, and look better than you PS3 suxxors!!!

Whoa, I just got posessed by an xbot... that was scary.