New ‘Borderlands 2’ golden key shift codes will stay active through the weekend

Developer Gearbox Software has released a new selection of shift codes for their recently-released open-world cooperative role-playing game, “Borderlands 2.”

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Merrill2832d ago

This game and it's DLC has become irrelevant to me without them upping the level cap, makes no sense at all.

rawshack2832d ago

a level cap increase is coming soon

Merrill2832d ago

Too late, in my opinion. Should have been upped in the first DLC pack.

Elwenil2832d ago

Agreed, it's a bit too late. I would have liked the level cap increase with the first DLC pack, but it definitely should have been with the second DLC at the latest. Now I don't even care about buying the 3rd DLC or any in the future. These things have a certain momentum to maintain and in my opinion, they lost it when they kept the level cap at 50 for too long.

antz11042829d ago

The first one didnt raise the level cap until later on either, I think ppl really need to stop crying about this.

Tainted Gene2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago ) Gt4-I

for everyone above complaining

- Gearbox

MooseWI2832d ago

Anyone finding the DLC to be pretty difficult? Not a bad thing..

TheSaint2832d ago

All these golden keys just further diminish the value of all other chests in the game, boring game is boring.

rawshack2832d ago

not really i found some good gun with keys .i found a few yellow guns in the chests in the game that you cant get with keys