7 Promising Looking Video Games That Are Going To Flop In 2013

Here are seven 2013 games likely to be good to downright great, which just aren't going to sell.

chadboban4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

Okay now this article is just begging for hits. Move along folks nothing to see here.

Why does stuff like this get approved? You know what scratch that, I know exactly why, because they WILL get the hits they're looking for no matter what.

Just to save folks time from clicking, here's the list

Bayonetta 2
Dead Space 3
Gears of War: Judgement
Lightning Returns
Metal Gear Rising
Rayman Legends
The Last of Us

Blastoise4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

I honestly don't think a single one of those games will "Flop".

Skips4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

Bayonetta 2 will likely flop, not because it will be bad, but because the people who wanted it in the first place (PS3, 360 owners) won't get it.

Lightning Returns, I think that has a chance at flopping too. Didn't XIII-2 sell less than half of the first one?

As for Gears, hype for that game is almost non existent. I know a lot of hardcore Gears fans that are disappointed in the fact that you play as Baird, and the game doesn't take place during the Pendulum Wars. I don't hear a lot of excitement for the MP either. The pre order numbers seem pretty bad too, especially for a Gears game. Gears only ranks at #17

Of course, these are VGChartz numbers. So they not might not be quiet right.

Dead Space 3, Metal Gear Rising, Rayman Legends, and The Last of Us will likely sell from decent to A LOT.

HammadTheBeast4140d ago

I don't know, the Last of Us isn't hyped enough...


Already has according to the sold out stock of the collectors editions.

Nimblest-Assassin4140d ago

By flop he means won't sell well, and with all those (except lightning returns and dead space 3) I call horse sh*t.

-Bayonetta 2 and Metal Gear Rising: Platinum is a respected developer especially in the east. I can guarantee that both games will do extremely well in Japan, also MGR's demo was extremely fun and I for one am picking it up

- Gears of War Judgement: Its gears of war, one of the more successful xbox exclusives... its going to sell

-Rayman: The wiiU's first killer app, a lot of people who own the system are going to buy legends.

- The Last of us:

1) The CE edition sold out in only 2 days
2) People I know who don't like uncharted are super excited for TLOU
3)Its one of the few new IP's I've seen that already have this much hype

Just because a game doesn't sell GTA or COD numbers doesn't mean its a flop

Bronxs154140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

"Bayonetta 2 will likely flop, not because it will be bad, but because the people who wanted it in the first place (PS3, 360 owners) won't get it. "

if they want it why won't they get it? can't a ps3 /360 owner own a wii u?

i'm a ps3, 360 owner and i'm getting bayonetta 2.

trenso14140d ago

of the list i think gears. dead space and lightning returns will flop. Gears news hasnt really shown up and sometimes i check even though i dont own a 360 it peaks my interest though. As for dead space the demo left a bad taste in my mouth i was going to buy it but not now. Even though im buying lighting returns i doubt it will have fantastic sales. just being realistic.

ABizzel14140d ago

1. I agree with Bayonetta simply because it's not what the Nintendo audience normally goes for. Look at the best selling 3rd party games on Wii-U.....Yeah not looking good. I wish it the best, because I throughly enjoyed the first game, and I've enjoyed Platinum Games titles, but I don't see it breaking 500,000 in sales. They need to port this over if at all ever possible.

2. Gears of War isn't getting the hype it normally gets, and maybe because people are getting worn out after finishing the trilogy, or because it's not being made by Epic per-say, but it's Gears and Gears sells millions. Not worried about it at all 5+ million easy.

3. Rayman Legends. It's in a better place by being on the Wii-U and that's easily Nintendo's type of game, but I don't think Rayman has the name or audience it once had, and while the game is great (PS3 / PSVita version) I don't see it doing anything huge by coming to the Wii-U. Hope for the best expect the worst.

4. Dead Space 3 has no hype, and it's releasing soon. Not a good look. It's going to sell because of the name alone, but it's not going to be the hit EA wanted.

5. The name Final Fantasy will carry this game alone, no matter how good or how bad it may be.

6. Metal Gear: R / R. This game was only on my radar because it's more Metal Gear, but it's so low on my radar I had poor expectations for it. After playing the demo it seems like it could be a pretty good game, and knowing it's made by Platinum (they are busy bee's over there) I expect a really good action game. That being said, it's just not Metal Gear, but I'm sure Metal Gear fans will eat it up until Ground Zero or Phantom Pain release.

7. Complete disagree with The Last of Us. Sony is pumping everything they have into this game, and it has the hype train express going for it. It's looks great, the acting looks great, the gameplay and trailers have impressed, it's made by Naughty Dog (Easily a top 5 dev. in the industry), and when we get hands on with the demo we'll know for sure. It's going to sell well.

360ICE4140d ago

I think Bayonetta 2 might. If we're talking about sales, I mean. But apart from that, I'd be surprised if most of these flopped.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Bayonetta 2 might flop. Not sure if that is what nintendo fanbase wants even even played before.

Pokemon would outsell it easy.

AsimLeonheart4139d ago

I think only DmC should have been on that list because it released in 2013 and has already flopped. The rest are all going to be hits to varying extents.


I only agree with Bayonetta, not because WiiU owners won't buy it, but because the install base is not that big yet and other platforms won't have it.

Spin offs from Metal Gear, Gears and Final Fantasy will likely sell less than main games, that's just how it usually is with spin-offs, doesn't necessarily means they will flop, a million copies or so is usually more than enough to turn a profit and the main games in those series are all multi million sellers.

Sequels from Raiman and Dead Space will have little trouble capturing the already hooked user base. They may sell less but, again, the last game in the series already sold very well, they have a good starting point.

The Last Of Us is a new IP so its not easy to predict sales, specially considering its genre (survival horrors aren't exactly the most popular genre out there, still a lot of people love the setting, but those tend to flock to only a few games). Still, it's not short of hype, all presentations so far had been well received and it have the Noughty Dog seal in the front, so I guess it's safe to assume it won't flop. If it will sell just enough to turn a profit or became a blockbuster multi-millions seller will heavily depend on other factors like competition and marketing (like is usually the case for any new IP).

shinrock4139d ago

Flop,no. Sell under publisher expectations yes.

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GillHarrison4140d ago

99% of the titles listed have a established fan base. What a terrible website.

ScytheX34140d ago

in the case of Bayonetta, an established fan base outside of the console its being exclusively released on.... has a chance to flop, though on that list think its the only one with that chance.

Biggest4140d ago

Bayonetta 2 will be on the WiiU. The established fan base is on the PS3 and X360. There might be a little problem there.

chadboban4140d ago

For what folks are saying about Bayonetta, I think that if the game looks incredible (we haven't exactly seen a lot of it) and if the Wii U gets a price drop by the time it releases, I think people will be a little less apprehensive about getting the system for Bayonetta 2.

Not to mention a lot of folks, myself included don't limit ourselves to a single console, just because I loved Bayonetta, admittedly on my friend's 360(due to the better framerates) doesn't mean that I hate Nintendo and will never buy their system. I know not everyone can afford more than one system or has a taste for Nintendo games but the game would've been dead if Nintendo didn't come along and save it anyway. I rather have it exist on the Wii U than have it not exist at all.

wishingW3L4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

the first Bayonetta was a massive flop and it was on 2 consoles (90/100 on Metacritic). Now imagine how much worse it will be on a single platform with a fanbase of less than 5 millions... Or maybe since the Wii U has so few games many people would pick it up like it happened with the first Resistance game.

Lightning Returns will definitely be a flop though. FF13 sold like 7 millions, FF13-2 sold like 2 millions and I only expect FF13-3 to sell much less than that.

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animegamingnerd4140d ago

how many troll bait articles do we need on N4G

chadboban4140d ago

A ton actually, word on the street is, they're what keeps N4G going.

007Bond4140d ago

So you guys don't agree with someone you either say they're begging or trolling. If they are begging why did you come in here read the article than comment?

juandren4140d ago

Well to be honest I was under the impression it will be a well-written article with interesting points. People can say what they want, but in my opinion you don't get better articles than IGN. I swear by them. Sites (and articles) like these make me appreciate good video game journalism.

solar4140d ago

if The Last of Us flops, i will laugh my ass off. not because i hate Sony or ND, im a big fan of both, but because of the Sony Extremists that have touted that game since the first glimpse of the game. im looking forward to the game, i hope ND can deliver like UC2, one of my Top 5 games ever.

Knushwood Butt4140d ago

Personally, I'm more interested in whether it is a great game or not.

Blackdeath_6634140d ago

wow, extremist gamers is a thing now?

DigitalAnalog4139d ago

You should take a look at your statement from a different angle. If TLOU "flops" then I guarantee that would be the last vestiges of any AAA company willing to take risks considering ND's track record from the PS1 era. This is no laughing matter regardless whether or not the PS3 "extremists" eating crow.

vork774140d ago

Metal Gear Rising look awesome same goes for The Last of Us, Rayman Legends and dead space 3