Metal Gear Solid 4: The PS3 Bundle: The Cardboard Box

Here it is, folks. The PlayStation 3 bundle with Metal Gear Solid 4 product photography proof. It might not have been our choice-we'd have gone with a stealthier plain brown box with the words "The Orange" on the outside-but we don't know from product marketing. We'd also have gone with a better camo choice, perhaps Snake in "piano black" with the Spider-Man font emblazoned in a full body pattern. I'm sure everyone else will find it just peachy keen. Here's hoping that Japan's got something extra special planned for collector types.

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sonarus3914d ago

So much good news for ps3 fans today:). MGS4 release date finally pinned down. I am very confident in the release date. With the hardware bundle it will be quite difficult for them to make any more last min delays. MGS4 is about 3 months away. Its been a long wait but its finally coming. ANd best of all despite the overwhelming rumors from last yr still remains a play station 3 exclusive

Lifendz3914d ago

for MS anyway. This is why Sony has run this console $*** since it came on the scene. This is just the tip of the iceberg people.

TheTwelve3914d ago

...and I want to buy that mess. Crazy smooth, Sony...crazy smooth indeed. Your year is here.


EZCheez3914d ago

Isn't there a magazine out right now with Snake's reflection on a PS3?

Coincidence? I think not.

Makes me wish I needed another one.

thisguywithhair3914d ago

I actually am (almost) seriously considering buying a whole new system just for that game. Here's hoping that no major expenses pop up between then and now lol.

tethered3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I already have two PS3's. I will not be getting this. (even tho I want it)

The game will be enough.

MikeGdaGod3914d ago

i want to get another one too but i'm waiting towards the end of the year. hopefully there will either be another price drop or new color, mabye both, by then.

if sony really wanted owners to have multiple systems they'd come with a new color. if this bundle came with the silver PS3, i'd get it without the price drop first day.

wil4hire3914d ago

There goes the theory that OLD snake will be replaced by Younger-ish-Snake in the game.... I mean, hes on the box... If that was white, I'd buy a second ps3 in a heartbeat. Just in case hell ever freezes over and my first one dies.

Skerj3914d ago

Well, much like Raiden in MGS2 it's not likely they want you to know that until you play the game.

3914d ago
Hydrollex3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

This game is gonna kick some serious butt

COTY: Console of the year !

3914d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.