Metro: Behind Humanity's Last Light

NZ Gamer - Metro 2033 was something of a surprise for most gamers at the time, bucking many first-person shooter conventions to become something unique; a first-person, post-apocalypic survival game, set in Russia.

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lex-10202398d ago

I'm worried about the future of this game now that it's owned by Deep silver

lex-10202397d ago

No.It's not even close. E3 it was still running in Pre Alpha

Ezz20132397d ago


the game is taking too long ..why ?!

Psychonaut2397d ago

Thank you lex-1020, and why did I get a Disagree for asking a question?

NYC_Gamer2398d ago

I don't think there is any need to be worried since 4A are still the developers

Hazmat132398d ago

i can not wait for this game, im literally counting down the days until i can play this.

BanBrother2398d ago

From my understanding, Koch Media bought mot just the rights to Metro but 4A games as well? So no-one lost their job? Hopefully Koch let 4A games experiment with their engine freely, and help fund improvements when the time comes. Instead of leaving it as is.

Can't wait for the game though. This time their are even more cool survival elements. Wiping blood off of your visor is just one added thing.