GC's worst and most disappointing games of 2012

GC takes a look back over 2012 and sifts out the rotten and disappointing games to be brought to the front and made an example of. Let’s take a look at what we chose.

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Old McGroin3785d ago

I'm a massive fan of the Resident Evil series, I even liked part 5! But because of all the negativity from both fans and reviewers I decided to borrow Resident Evil 6 from my brother instead of purchasing it. I had heard that in order of utter crapness Jake's campaign was the worst closely followed by Chris' and then Leon's campaign was actually half decent. I decided that I wanted to go out on a high so I decided to play in that order. Bad idea. I pretty much forced myself to finish Jake's campaign and made it as far as the ship in Chris' campaign before my spirit broke and I turned it off for the last time. Resident Evil 6 is not a Resident Evil game. I wanted it so badly to be one but it's not. It's crap. Crap on a disc. My brother doesn't even want it back, he said I can trade it in if I want and he's a big Resident Evil fan as well. I'm a little reluctant to trade it in. Do I really want to inflict this misery on a fellow gamer who picks it up second hand?

The only reason it's selling so well is the brand name, if this was a new IP it probably wouldn't have sold 100K copies, it tries to be an action game but fails so miserably I almost cried tears of blood, rage and disbelief. I find it staggering that this game was created by literally hundreds of Capcom staff over several years. I have to hold hope in my heart that there have been literally hundreds of Capcom staff made redundant on the back of this blasphemy so that their awful, awful lack of talent never befouls another console.

So is it worth a play? If Mordor was a real place I would venture to Mount Doom and fling it in to the hell fires from whence it came.

PopRocks3593785d ago

Wow, this was a funny assessment of the game lol. Bubble up sir.

I couldn't even finish RE6. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt due to being a fan of the series. I beat Leon's campaign (barely) and stopped halfway through Jake's. The game was honestly very broken and frustrating. About the fifth time I was killed by a scripted event I started getting annoyed. The half-assed Metal Gear-esque stealth segment was where I drew the line. On top of all of this, the story was dumber than usual.

RE6 is the first RE I've outright hated, let alone disliked. And to save face, Capcom is porting the much superior Revelations 3DS game to HD consoles. Go figure.

adonis1833785d ago

Assasson's crees 3 biggest dissapointment, and overhyped with american history.

pr0t0typeknuckles3785d ago

was it really that bad, if so im actually happy i skipped the game this year due to me getting tired of the franchise, and on a sidenote do you hate connor as well because i hear a lot of people saying that he was the worst assassian in the series and a complete bore is that true?

banjadude3785d ago

I haven't played any of the other Assassin's Creed games, so maybe I'm a little biased or whatever... but I bought AC3 purely on hype and because of the fact I love Colonial history.

I could only stomach about 2-4 hours of the game, and I stopped playing entirely. I just could not stand the awkward controls, and believe me I tried all the different control schemes. Also, it didn't help that the pacing of the game was so slowwwww.

edawg118853785d ago

I played Leon's campaign cause that was all I wanted to play. Been waiting for Leon to get another game since RE4. I didn't bother with anyone else.

Tyrant133785d ago

I wonder why RE6 keeps getting on these lists, I've got it and it's a great game. I'm a massive fan of the RE series and to me 5 is the disappointment not 6.

Old McGroin3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Every person is going to have a unique opinion on each game. I'm glad some people actually like Resident Evil 6 (I tried my best but couldn't force it!) because I don't want to see the franchise die. I would love to see a complete reboot, character-wise. By that I mean keep the same story and events but have it told through a completely new set of characters and bring it back to it's survival horror roots.

Edit: I didn't disagree with you by the way.

Plagasx3785d ago

The thing is, Capcom just doesn't give a shit anymore.

We thought they would have thought by now, "Hmmm, perhaps it's time to make a real RE with real horror instead of trying to capture this CoD infested audience" but nooo...They choose to fuck over the fans and churn out monthly DLC and hope to get massive sales.

Ashunderfire863785d ago

Ada Wong's campaign was the best, cause she was by herself, and it was the only campaign that felt a bit like the old fashion Resident Evil with puzzles. The JA'VO was annoying not scary. I hated those stupid creatures that break apart when you shoot them and they pull themselves back together and impregnate a monster in your mouth!!!!

Tyrant133785d ago

I much as i really like 6 i agree with your reboot idea. I think that could revive the series for everyone else and because the story in the RE series had kind of ran its course now.

DigitalRaptor3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Basically it wasn't even a good game in terms of components that make a good game. It was fundamentally broken in terms of cover system, it has a camera that obstructs the gameplay during crucial moments, the poor AI is another annoyance. Then there's the distasteful and excessive QTEs which literally have me tearing at my hair. QTEs have their place, but when they're implemented as excruciatingly as in RE6, you can't not take notice.

Then there's the poor endgame storyline that forces multiple characters to give it a greater sense of scale and urgency, but only one of the characters is worth playing (Leon) for a relative throwback to the horror vibe that was present in RE4 and games prior. Then there's the fact that because you're accompanied at all times by a co-op partner, it loses any sort of tension that should exist - such a poor decision based on one of the most hated parts of RE5 - Sheva.

RE6 is a franchise killer in terms of integrity. It's full of poor design choices that are as clear as day, even from someone like myself who is not a game designer. It destroyed the main component of what makes a Resi game which is to be scary. Even the gameplay is poor by modern action game standards, and it's clear that not only did Capcom go for the 3rd person shooter/CoD/Uncharted crowd, it failed at meeting even that standard.

As a sum of its parts, Resident Evil 6 is by far the most disappointing game of 2012. There's no doubt.

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