TGR: Dark Sector Multiplayer Hands-On

Dark Sector's multiplayer mode is finally revealed. Read TGR's full hands-on report!

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Erasmus3887d ago

It looks like Dark Sector is shaping up well.

Relin3887d ago

I really wish they were including more than 1 or 2 Hayden's per match... that would be sick.

cain1413887d ago

Everything I have seen about this game so far has me impressed. At the people who have played it so far that I have talked to loved it.

Ichabod133887d ago

It will be another great rental from what I've seen. :P

Nick27283887d ago

All games should be a rental no matter what the buzz behind them. When you're playing for 60 to 70 bucks a pop it's always better to rent before you buy. Of course I didn't do that with Bioshock but, hey, I played the demo. :P

The Closing3887d ago

No need to rent, already payed in full. Can't wait.

cain1413887d ago

I haven't preordered, but I am considering it...

vickers5003887d ago

This game has multiplayer?! Hot damn, I might actually get this game after all.