New Aliens Trailer Fails To Impress

Thomas Chamberlain of writes:
Yesterday Gearbox Software released the latest trailer for their upcoming release of Aliens: Colonial Marines, however it was not well received by fans or even the makers of the game itself.The fans seem disappointed by the dialogue the trailer features, and with reason, as it’s full of generic one-liners that you would find in every cheesy action movie. Take a minute to watch the trailer above.
Interestingly the games’ writer Mikey Neumann has gone on Twitter to publicly state that the dialogue found in the Aliens trailer is not even in the game and insured everyone knew that he did not write it.

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Root2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

It made me cancel my pre order, if it was Alien related it would look even more generic. Seriously this should of beena third person shooter instead, where your alone in a dark, scary, abandoned environment....think of the first Dead Space....just Issac, the ship and the Necromorphs.

The voice acting was pretty terrible, typical soldier grunts with their cheesy one liners

It's sad because they've been hyping it up for ages and it looks pretty bad

They should of done a third person game set after the 4th film with Ripley.

Myst2831d ago

I'm thinking about it...I have $30.00 on my pre-order right now and well I could use that to get other things. I like Aliens it's a set of movies, but after seeing that trailer not so sure...Half of me wants to keep the pre-order and finish it next week, other half just wants to use the money on a lego game instead or something :|

Irishguy952831d ago

This game looked mediocre from the first gameplay trailer, don't know how no one see's how bad the combat is.

antz11042826d ago

Everyone needs to calm down. Seriously if you ignore it based off one trailer then maybe you didnt really want it in the first place. Personally I think dropping a game due to a problem with the advertisement is kinda idiotic.

rbailey2831d ago

The most interesting thing about this news is the fact that the game's writer went out on Twitter and said he didn't write any of the dialogue in that trailer then deleted his tweet. This already points to bad signs with the game in some capacity and I'm sure alot of people probably missed out that this happened.

Gazondaily2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Really? That is messed up and not a good sign at all.

Man its so frustrating; these games always look like they have such great potential and then they mess up in areas like dialogue.

What's up with the character movements? They seem so rigid. It really does detract from the game. The visuals seem pretty mediocre too.

Well here's hoping the game somehow turns out to be great. Gearbox, sort it out. Take your time if need be.

aLucidMind2831d ago

He said that the bad dialogue wasn't in the game. I don't see how him saying that is a bad indication.

ChrisW2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

"What's up with the character movements?"

Dunno. But hopefully they used an Alpha build...

DOMination-2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

The games been a development nightmare. Announced in 2006 but i don't think they even started working on it until 2010. I feel maybe Gearbox have too much on their plate. During this time they've had two borderlands, a released brothers in arms, another one in development which is either canned or a new IP, Aliens, DNF and another duke game in development. And a game based on the movie heat. Plus some help on handheld and wii games. That's a lot for a reasonably small independent studio to handle.

AKS2831d ago

Hopefully he's referring to the awful narration in that trailer. If that type of corny hypermacho garbage isn't in the game, that would be a good sign. Sort of.

I'm going to be looking for some all-gameplay video to see if the actual game is better than this bad trailer suggests.

Sometimes you never know. For example, the Dead Space demo was just gawdawful, whereas the actual game was excellent.

Greyslash2831d ago

I'll be picking this up in the bargain bin, along with DmC and Dead Space 3.

WeAreLegion2831d ago

You missed out on DMC?!? Why? It's fantastic!

Greyslash2831d ago

Because it's not DMC, and it looked way too easy, I saw people getting SSS combos by doing the same move, they really casual'd it up.

WeAreLegion2831d ago

1) It's definitely DMC. Trust me. He fits right in with old Dante.

2) It's only easy on the first three difficulties. It REALLY ramps up after that. Hell and Hell mode is nearly impossible. I'm not sure I'm going to keep playing that mode. :/

3) SSS by doing the same move? I'd like to see that. Honestly. I would. There is a trophy for getting an SSS in combat. There was only one part in the game where an SSS came easily...and even then, I had to work for it.

Zha1tan2831d ago

Why they decided to show the butt ugly console version is beyond me, those graphics are ugly as hell and so are the animations.

Ironsights for this game are also stupid as hell.

Chard2831d ago

I know right
Nobody in Aliens really used the iron sights, it was mostly from the hip.

mynameisEvil2830d ago

I still can't believe people knocked the 2010 AvP game for not having iron sights. Because, you know, when you're frantically trying to maneuver to keep from getting molested by Xenos and Predators, the best thing to do is pull up your iron sights and slow your character down, right? *rolls eyes*

zalanis2831d ago

wow that trailer was horrible. and i had heard so much praise for this game based on a previous trailer. i wonder wht trailer ppl were reffering to.

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