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"Remember me?

Yeah, it's been a while. We've been locked in an acrid-smelling basement, toiling away on Haze for the extra time that the delay has given us. I've read quite a few nervous posts from the 'peoplez of teh internetz', wondering what the delay means for the game. Well, plain and simple, it means it'll be a hell of a lot better than if we released it tomorrow, and maybe we'll even sneak in some additional content… Ooo!

In other news, it's time for me to educate you folks about the 'bad guys' in Haze. I'm talking about the rebel faction known as The Promise Hand."

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sonarus3977d ago

i know i will get a lot of disagrees from ps3 fans but i too am a ps3 fan too but i have to speak the truth. The graphics in haze seem to be very inconsistent. The only areas with excellent graphics so far is in the jungle and in the dessert. In door areas look like crap. Maybe its just me but the graphics in haze hardly look next gen to me. About on par with halo graphics but in those in door scenes halo graphics surpass. However in the jungle and dessert it surpasses halo? Why can't the graphics look good thru out?

Lifendz3977d ago

but to be fair, I think that's why they delayed the game. In the Rainbow Six Vegas days, the graphics level was not as high as it is now. Uncharted anyone? So yeah, Uncharted raised the bar. Naughty Dog and Insomniac are doing it on an amazing level. They want to make sure their game is up to par and PROPS to them for that. I'm in no rush. I have DMC, COD4, Burnout, Uncharted and many more to play in the meantime. So yeah, get it right and then release it.

First Person Shooters: Haze, Killzone 2, Resistance 2

Not bad imo.

Hydrollex3977d ago

we tell the truth ! The graphics are not good in some pictures and yes this game comes from nUbisoft ! don't expect all games have to look like Uncharted


360 fans: Halo 3 has the best graphics ever !

lol yea ? ok

Frances-the-Mute3977d ago

ya, visuals are good but dont stand out, like motorstorm or uncharted....i wont mind them if the game is really fun, like that one game with the monkeys and the vin diesel guy with goggles

sonarus3977d ago

haze still has pretty good opportunity to do well but those indoor environments are just disappointing. I mean sometimes i look at it and the graphics are solid and am like wow. Other times its like its not even the same game.

HeroOfCows3977d ago

Some sections do look pretty bland, while others look(ed) pretty impressive. Hopefully the delay put everything up to snuff and tweaked some of the complaints that a few previewers had (IGN UK had the most negative things to say).

Time_Is_On_My_Side3977d ago

No one has seen enough to judge if the graphics will be amazing or just average. Like if you talk about Halo 3 at E3 looked amazing and when I actually play it looks like it was it with an ugly stick.

The reason why I think I will like this game because of what they're doing with the Mantel Troop's vision. Halo 3 looks like crap but sold so well but I haven't seen enough game play to be sure. Like Halo 3 the screen shots are nothing like comepared to game play. The screen shots where just taken when the graphics looked good.

the three things Halo 3 does right (graphics):

- water is decent
- shiny / metal surfaces
- lighting

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EZCheez3977d ago

I don't know how many of you played any of the Timsplitters franchise, but those games alone are enough reason to be hyped about this game.

And while I think the delays are ridiculous, they're probably needed. Also, you never know who really sets those release dates to begin with. Free Radical could have known from day one that this game wouldn't be to their level of satisfaction until May of 08, but the publisher could think otherwise and spit out earlier release dates to keep people interested in the game.

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Astro3977d ago

Haze is one of the most generic FPS games that I have seen in this generation, side to side with titles like Area51 and Conflict Denied OPS.

Stubacca3977d ago

I really expect good things from this game.

lodossrage3977d ago

But that is exactly why the game was delayed so much. When people were seeing the previews of it, they were saying almost the exact same thing you are now.

Which means they took time to refine it graphically. In other words, they need to show the people these graphical enhancements so we can all judge for ourselves if the graphics are any better than previously shown or not.

P.S.- Why would anyone disagree with you? You're completely right

sonarus3977d ago

lol didnt you know n4g is like a popularity contest these days. Most of the time if you say something you get the approval of one set of fanboys at the expense of the other. Even if its the truth.

wil4hire3977d ago

But news/stories about Haze need to all shut the hell up and not be posted.

This title keeps getting delayed time and time again. My hopes were wayyyyy up when i originally heard Doake say it was coming out only on the PS3. (Remember dling that PSN video?)

Then a magic delay happened, (no reason given)
Story about mantel
Story about mantel again.

I'm sure they are working hard on the title. But they need to keep quiet until they have new footage, and a demo on the horizon. I am interested in this one because I want to see what these guys can come up with combined with the PS3's hardware. But they need to give it a rest as far as trying to keep interest in this title.

Put up or Shut up :)

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