Ten Games That Should Have Been Cancelled

Cheat Code Central digs up ten games that should have probably been cancelled.

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SonyStyled2834d ago

Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl
Stat Wars The Old Republic
Twisted Metal 3
Perfect Dark Zero
Too Human
COD Black Ops Declassified
Steel Batallion Heavy Armor
Duke Nukum Forever

Your welcome friends :D

WeAreLegion2834d ago

Many people LOVE Stalker, including me. I don't get why they'd put that on there...

BigStef712834d ago

For all the hate DNF got I really enjoyed that game allot. Sure it wasn't a breakthrough FPS but it was still really fun. I say it was a worthy successor to Duke Nukem 3d. I can't wait to see Gearboxes take on the franchise. I have complete faith in them that they will redeem the franchise

Dark_Overlord2834d ago

Same here, I really enjoyed it, even bought the DLC too :)

BigStef712834d ago

Duke Nukem fans unite!!!! No matter how bad the game is I'll still buy it because its duke:). I haven't gotten that dlc yet but I will buy it eventually lol. How is it?

SkullBlade1692834d ago

I didn't think the game was bad. I have the PS3 version so I have some lag issues from time to time but I actually enjoyed it.

Max-Zorin2834d ago

Twisted Metal 3 was awesome.

Jakens2834d ago

I played a game called "Advent Rising" for the Original Xbox. The framerate, camera and mechcanics were terrible, with all kinds of issues. However, (for that game) for games that are made, I don't wish for any of them to be cancelled.

For example, I still love "Advent Rising".