Star Wars: KOTOR III Concept Arts

JZConcepts.com, the homepage of LucasArts' concept artist James Zhang, has a hidden folder that contains concept arts from "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III". They could belong to either a canceled project or a current one.

If you inspect the front page of JZConcepts.com and click on his "Client List", you will find out that James Zhang's clients include LucasArts, LucasFilm, Miramax, Sony Online Entertainment, Vivendi Universal, Epic Games, and other high-profile companies. Zhang also worked on titles such as Kill Bill (movie), Deus Ex, Unreal Tournament, and various Dungeon & Dragon and Star Wars products.

Courtesy of the uncovered concept arts, we now know the names of these characters in KOTOR III: Dashaad (could be a faction or specie), Idriss, Naresha, Q10 (could be a droid model), and Vargas.

For copyright reason, the concept arts are not attached here on N4G. If they are removed, please refer to Alternative Sources.

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TheXgamerLive5952d ago

Kotor I, Kotor II, and Splinter Cell.

I only drool for a Kotor III, I only drool:))

Rhezin5952d ago

reminds me of that huge a$$ ninja rat in ninja turtles.

But yah the kotors WERE badass, actually never played the II one tho

ChanDangle5952d ago

PS3 lead development what what!

ichimaru5952d ago

dude, the description says 360, pc.^^^

alster235952d ago

new here but um.. doesnt the contributer choose where it goes?

Ariexv5952d ago (Edited 5952d ago )

He's probly just stupid, Bioware doesn't even have Ps3 devs and even if they did they vastly prefer the 360.

Azures5952d ago

you do realize they're owned by EA now right? Multiplatform is how business is made.

alster235952d ago

bioware is interested in all consoles now

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