PlayStation Vita in Japan: What's Next?

IGN - Sony's handheld battles on in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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aceitman2833d ago

189-199$ will put it in the prime sales slot.

tubers2833d ago

Don't forget the +4 GB card on every new system sold!

LOGICWINS2833d ago

Not enough, I want 8 gigs of memory built in. 4GB is garbage.

CommonSenseGamer2833d ago

8 is even on the low side for such a device.

LOGICWINS2833d ago

Agreed, but I want them to get the price down to $199. They may not be able to do that if they packed a 16GB or 32GB card in every Vita.

doogiebear2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

If they put 8gb or 16gb BUILT IN, then it would cost a lot less money since they dont need to cover the cost of special propriety code for the SD cards. Seriously it would be like a dollar per gig. Then, if people still need more memory, they can still buy the expensive cards later, but at least have some memory from the start built into a newer model of the vita.

I got the Assassins Creed Vita bundle, but it costs a lot since I had to buy a game ($40), a 32gb memory card ($100 to store 2 years worth of ps plus freebies (56 ps1, psp, ps mini, & ps mobile games to be exact)) and a screen protector ($10 which is a must buy), and I had to buy insurance or I was screwed if I dropped it. So essentially, I spent almost enough money to buy both a ps3 AND a 360...all for just a handheld.

Can u see the problem? Plus we're not getting many QUALITY games as OFTEN as we'd like, simply because it costs just as much to make a ps vita game as it does a ps 3 game (since people expect current gen graphics, animation, surround sound, voice acting, tacked-on multiplayer, and lengthy gameplay). This costs too much money, especially for new games, so publishers keep porting old games, but some of those games are already on ps3. Tell me, how many people bought a ps vita without already owning a ps3? See the issue? Sony is in a bit of a pickle, but I still love my Vita (especially Persona 4 Golden), but it's a hard sell for trying to convince my friends to buy it too considering the cost and these other issues.

Thirty3Three2833d ago

I doesn't need a cost-cut.

sdozzo2833d ago

Monster Hunter and they would eat it up.

specialguest2833d ago

There's a rumor that MH series will be exclusive to the 3DS for 3 yrs. If true, it's not looking good for the Vita in Japan.

Jac5al2833d ago

Find a way to get a Pokemon game on it then it will fly off the shelf's lol

LightningMokey2833d ago

You do realize that Nintendo owns Pokemon right?

But I would like to see Sony get rights to publish Digimon games.

doogiebear2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Persona is like a grown man's pokemon, and is very popular in japan. However, p4g is just an enhanced port (so most fans already played the original and didn't wanna buy the enhanced version). More NEW Persona and SMT series games made exclusively for the Vita, combined with exclusive Monster Hunter & Dragon Quest, and Gran Turismo games would cause a HUGE surge in sales in Japan (and the west since there is a renewed interest in Jrpg's here).

A new, decent Call of Duty (although I don't care for it), and Gran Turismo would help in the West

Canary2833d ago

Vita's future is blinding... in Japan.

I'd point out why I had to qualify that statement, but I don't want to engage with the fanboys.

Seriously, though, have you seen the line-up of games for Japan? Even just the next three months. Wow.

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