PlayStation Conversation: Quantic Dream's PS4 Game

IGN - Info has emerged concerning Quantic Dream's still unannounced PS4 game. Is it real? And if so, what will the game be like?

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DaThreats2402d ago

There is a game already called Singularity.
Can't be called that.

Red_Orange_Juice2402d ago

I want a game connected to that Kara demo.

ZoyosJD2402d ago

All it needs is a subtitle or extension of the name. Needless to say I could not care less what it's called, as long as I can enjoy it.

Enemy2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Untitled projects are usually given a codename. Singularity is most likely just that, a codename.

DOMination-2401d ago

Yeah it was a weird supernatural shooter published by Activision a few years back. I doubt they'd allow Sony the use of the name but like someone else said its probably a codename.

I hope its a space theme. Im sure i read a while back they had something called Horizon in development which sounded sweet. Would be nice if its related to this.

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