PS4 vs. 720: Letting Microsoft Announce First

IGN - Sony's content to let Microsoft officially announce its console before the PS4. Is this a good idea? We discuss.

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Bumpmapping2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Greg miller is a moron please do us all a favor and stfu

Persistantthug2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Does anyone remember or know why and how XBOX 360 ended up with its Xenon CPU?

Long story short, Microsoft took the PPU design of the Cell processor, integrated 3 of them, and put that into the XBOX 360.....courtesy of IBM, of course.

Sony was angry, but there was nothing they could do about it.

This time around, not only are Sony staying clear of IBM, but also, to avoid such a fiasco, wouldn't it make more sense to stay silent, come out last, and in fact, not even finalize anything until Microsoft shows its hand first?

Makes sense to me.

insomnium22830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Ofc and since PS3 has waaaay much more life in it left than x360 there is no rush neither. MS can try to postpone all they want they have to come out with a nextgen console soon. Sony not so much.

You could even say that Sony is in a perfect position...unless the nextbox suddenly launches in 3 months or so LOL!

Gildarts2830d ago

lol right now it just sounds dumb "we'll let microsoft go first" even if they see your specs changing it this late into development is just crazy and will cost billions. Just ask them, a simple upgrade on RAM late into development costed them billions for the xbox 360.

Imagine a gpu or cpu upgrade.

Persistantthug2830d ago

In fact, all signs point to a post holiday 2014 for PS4.

Gildarts2829d ago

Still i dont think Sony has the resources to change the specs this late into Development.

BattleAxe2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I think what Greg Miller is not taking into consideration that Sony and Microsoft might both have 2 or 3 console configurations that they feel they could release, and depending on what console configuration Microsoft releases with first, this will affect which configuration Sony might choose to release.

iamnsuperman2830d ago

I agree that it is more of a PR thing but it could also mean keeping software secret. Software ideas can be taken in this sort time and Sony could have some neat apps and online features which can be taken. Or even a price point. You don't want to announce an good price point just for your competitor to under cut you

Good_Guy_Jamal2830d ago

Or they are looking to take some of Microsoft's online features and neat app. No?

Gazondaily2830d ago

Well, releasing later would definitely give them a tactical advantage and really counter MS more decisively. It's just common sense and probably the main reason why Sony are opting to do it.

But, like I said before, Sony should have the confidence in their system to reveal it first.

Sony might however, have something up their sleeve they don't want the competition to copy. Time will tell but if the past is anything to go by, we should be praying that we don't have a last minute SixAxis type rush job.

GribbleGrunger2830d ago

Sony will probably have a roster of content ready to roll out for the PS4 during and after launch. They'll hold some back so that they can release them at strategic points in the year to create hype and interest. What they could do by waiting is decide on which features to roll out with the machine and which features to hold back.

adorie2830d ago

"HDMI isn't needed" Everyone borrows ideas. if they don't innovation will stagnate.

LackTrue4K2830d ago


Lol, that image gave me a smile

GribbleGrunger2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I don't think that wait is to see what to put in the 'Orbis' because that would be a little difficult this late in development, but it could be simpler things like price point, or HDD sizes. Depending how the console is designed, I suppose it is possible they could offer more memory too, although if the faster ram is true I can't see a reason for that.

2830d ago
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