Did Comcast Hire Public Stand-ins For Neutrality Hearing?

The Save The Internet Coalition, a coalition of consumer advocates like the Consumers Union (authors of Consumer Reports) and the Free Press, is claiming that Comcast bussed in a large number of disinterested individuals to yesterday's public FCC hearing at Harvard on network neutrality and traffic shaping. The group is claiming Comcast paid these individuals so those seats would not be filled with interested, question-asking participants.

EDIT: Portfolio says that Comcast has admitted to hiring the people, but claims they were simply being used as line placeholders so that company employees could attend the hearing. However, the fact remains these "placeholders" stayed through the meeting prohibiting others from attending...

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Cherchez La Ghost3887d ago

Not surprised at all about this. Since Wane Curry runs P.G. County in MD. (and a Comcast investor), RCN (Starpower Cable at that time) had no chance to expand into Maryland. This is very interesting news right here.

v1c1ous3887d ago

it's gonna be buried under "my console is better than yours" topic # 340235

ISay3886d ago

the video is funny when it goes to the pannel at about an hour 17 min you can make out most of the paid seaters they took up the whole front row