Dead Space 3 Has No Voice, But Still Tries to Scream | 1UP

1UP: "The latest trip into science fiction horror presents a gorgeous first act with a bit of an identity crisis."

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ayabrea932831d ago

I get what they're saying, it seems like it's trying to fulfil a lot of different roles. the demo still managed to create some great tension and atmosphere though.

Hoje03082831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I loved the first two, but the demo left me thinking that I won't even bother to rent the third. No tension for me at all and I didn't even try the co-op.

ayabrea932830d ago

I didn't try the co op either lol I thought the single player was ok though

Hoje03082830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

It's the kind of game that I would rent during a drought, but with God of War, The Last of Us and - eventually- GTA5 coming out, I just don't know when I'll have time. Who knows, if the new consoles come out in November like everyone is saying, then there might be time come early fall.

Edit: Come to think of it, Dead Space 3 could be one of those games that's really fun to play with some friends while having a few drinks.

rawshack2830d ago

the demo was ok .i got a feeling this game will have more of a open world so to speek

linkenski2830d ago

EA can ruin the identity of any franchise they own, when they know it's starting to sell higher numbers.


I didn't mind the first game,although by the time the credits rolled I had enough Dead Space.DS2 was terrible in comparison and 3 looks to be worse yet.