GamesBeat: Tomb Raider multiplayer keeps Lara Croft fans entertained (hands-on preview)

GamesBeat: Slated for a March 5 debut, Tomb Raider is one of the biggest games being released this year. It is a grounds-up reboot of the Lara Croft franchise that has sold more than 35 million units to date. We recently got a hands-on preview of the multiplayer version of the game, which is being built by Crystal Dynamics and the Eidos Montreal division of Square Enix.

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wita2835d ago

I still think multiplayer for TR is weird.

Red_Orange_Juice2835d ago

Tomb Raider will join Bioshock2 and Dead Space2

League_of_Draven2835d ago

They must be talking about Lora Craft.

SybaRat2835d ago

Sounds like Uncharted, only the guns don't work after you down someone. Mechanically interesting, but it sounds frustrating in practice.