The PS Vita is in one heck of a catch 22

Gimme Gimme Games writes about the PS Vita's current situation:

"You may have heard this before. X game system that isn’t selling so hot will have sales pick up steam once good games start coming out. Its a logical assumption because good software does indeed sell hardware. But in order to have developers put their best effort into developing software for any platform, that platform must be a good bet for them financially. This is the PS Vita’s problem right now."

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iamnsuperman2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

"Some Sony franchises need to only appear on the Vita. No PS3/PS4 installments will make the Vita versions more special and must-have."

I do agree with you here and Sound Shapes could have been one of those titles if there was no PS3 version but I personally see the Vita's future being with Gaikai. Being able to play home console games on the go would be a huge sell (as well as stream movies.....). No handheld gaming unit on the market can do this. I believe this will increase the sales of the Vita by quite a lot. Then more third parties are more likely to develop for it (only downside for PS3/4 games streamed to the Vita is it could mean Vita only games have a bigger competition and it could distract investment by third party)

Another method I think Sony should have (which I have mentioned here before) is to bundle it with the PS4 but this bundle has a subscription based model that mean you pay £50 up front (for the retailers so how ever much profit they usually take) and anywhere between £15 and £25 per month for three to five years (or how ever much Sony will need). Of course you can still by the units separately but this bundle could be quite enticing to the mass market as it is more manageable and could mean that the PS4 could take a vast share of the market because it seems cheaper/easier to pay than slapping £300 down outright.

UltraVegito2826d ago

I agree with half of what you said but the Vita isn't a controller,it's a handheld.
Bundling the Vita with the ps4 will do more harm than good.
Not only that but it would either inflate the ps4 price to a ridiculous amount or cause sony to take a extreme loss(something they just can't afford right now).

The Vita needs to focus on building up it's own EXCLUSIVE library and gaikai support as a secondary focus.
I can see the Vita causing some jaw drops to all the nay sayer with a 199$ price a good library of exclusives and gaikai support.
It all comes down to how sony will do this.

iamnsuperman2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I am not saying it is the controller and it does need its own games but Sony have an opportunity to make a PS4 and a Vita very attractive offer because your games can now become mobile. It is at a time that no competitor can achieve this so it is the perfect opportunity.

The problem with its exclusive library is it isn't getting the third party support it needs as the PSP is still selling well and then there is the 3DS. To get that support they need to get the system into as many hands as possible. That may mean running the risk of making the exclusive content being at competition with the PS4 library but Sony can't afford to just release a ton loads of exclusives for the Vita (they have a lot of studios but not that many). I think the best way is to take the risk and make Gaikai a big focus because Sony is trying (look at the titles they have released already) and Sony can only do so much with their games.

A $199 price point is a great idea but Nintendo will just respond to that. Also it doesn't matter how small the price is. If the third party do not support it then people are not going to buy the Vita

PhoenixRising372826d ago

i'm currently selling my vita on ebay and picking up the fire emblem 3DS day 1.

TongkatAli2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Get Persona 4 Golden, you will change your mind, unless you don't wanna give it a chance. You can also try Gun Commando for $2.79 it is a awesome budget title.

PhoenixRising372825d ago

persona 4 golden and soul sacrifice are the only games i would play all year. and yes, i played the entire instant game collection.

PhoenixRising372825d ago

there would be no point in lying about it.

tubers2826d ago

Cloud gaming over internet wifi, maybe.. with 3G, LMFAO.

@ article:

Definitely agree. If 3rd party support isn't that stellar, it's Sony's own responsibility to shake things up: New daring VITA only IP, new GoW VITA, GTurismo VITA, etc.

<-- something really big.

$ 199.99 + 4GB card on all the core system would also likely do wonders.

mrbojingles2826d ago

Agree 100% with everything you said. $199 seems like the sweet spot judging on black friday sales of the Vita too

joeorc2826d ago

"Sony has no other choice than to come out with some big name IPs for the Vita only. No PS4 or PS3 installments one year later or up-ports down the line. Sony needs to be releasing nothing but unique software that can’t be found on their home consoles. This is similar to how Nintendo segregates certain IPs between their home consoles and portables."

OK im still following you here, but than you go on to say this:

"Advance Wars, Legendary Starfy, Clubhouse Games, Nintendogs, Pokemon RPGs and Brain Age don’t appear on Nintendo home consoles. Battalion Wars, Pikmin, and others don’t appear on Nintendo handhelds. There are cross-over titles, for sure, but for the most part Nintendo keeps IPs separated by platform."

what do you think the investment in to creating those games are ?

Now look at Tearaway, killzone mercenary! now how long do you think it takes to create a game like these..

response most of the time is:

but..but those are just PS3 port's...give me a freaking break.

than to go on:

"What Sony needs to do is develop some new system selling software with broad appeal and market it exclusively for the Vita. I know that is a really general way to describe it but they need to be working on the “next big thing” in terms of gaming right now. They need a new IP that will catch on like Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Skylanders did."

there already is a [email protected] Handheld game system for that its called a Nintendo 3DS!.

God this is getting down right pathetic!

it's never about the 1st year, its about the long haul. the PSVita was designed for the Market to be here for quite a bit of time. the fact that the PSVita has 128 MB of dedicated video ram. means for the next few year's the PSVita will still be one if not the single most DEDICATED VIDEO RAM HEAVY handheld. that means while the 3DS has 6 MB of dedicated Video ram, the PSVita will still have over 120 More MB of ram to be used to make games that push the [email protected] Hardware. those games you know exclusive, unique games like Tearaway or Killzone mercenary require!!

these iP's take more investment, and resources to complete...

" They need a new IP that will catch on like Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Skylanders did"

you do not have to have games like that to be successful.

just because "invizimals" does not sell like freaking Pokemon does not make the [email protected] game any less fun to play.

Just because "soul sacrifice" may or may not sell as well as freaking Monster Hunter does not mean once again that soul sacrifice is any less of a viable entertainment iP to play.