Canadian Gaming Deals: January 25th to 31st, 2013 – PS3 160GB Console for $179.99

We let you know that this was going to be happening a couple of days ago, and the deal is now live at both Future Shop and Best Buy. From now until Thursday, or until they sell out, the PlayStation 3 160GB console is on final clearance for $180.

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TrendyGamers2831d ago

Very good price for the PS3.

SJPFTW2830d ago

Slim > New Super Slims. This is a good deal

NastyLeftHook02831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

All the more hints that ps4 will be revealed at e3 2013.

And jack, you better believe when this baby hits $199.00, its going to sell like beer in a bar full of drunks.

at %179.99...supernova.

Y_51502831d ago

Pfft I rather buy a Wii Mini! /s

TrendyGamers2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I feel bad for anyone who picked up a Wii Mini.

DarkBlood2831d ago

well i plan to pick one up desite having an original wii and wiiu :P collection purposes obviously as well as a backup retro wise

do you still feel bad for me now Trendy lol?

Y_51502831d ago

No one knew I was being sarcastic?