New Details on DayZ standalone client on dev's tumblr

The developer of the popular mod for PC FPS ARMA2 has published new details of the long awaited standalone client for DayZ. Included are comparison screenshots showing the updated visuals.

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snake_eater2831d ago

This game blows, wait and buy The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct instead.

Bobby Kotick

Jaunty2831d ago

Lol nobody gets your joke

OcelotRigz2831d ago

The mod is amazing and groundbreaking as most fans know, but this really sounds like its going to take it to another level.
People talk about all the great games coming this year, yet ive never seen the DayZ game mentioned yet and it should be as i reckon its going to be one of the biggest games ever.

noisemedia2831d ago

For the most part I agree. I have to say DayZ is in my opinion one of the most conceptually unique games out right now.

I havent seen anything else that stresses the need for survival and self preservation the way DayZ does.

Im not going to say it's necessarily ground breaking but I believe it definitely has a place as one of the most influential games of late. Its definitely worth trying but at the same time wont appeal to everyone.

I cant wait for the standalone, although even without it I'd keep playing.

mattnz2830d ago

Impromptu Dean Hall Interview regarding the tumblr post :