What to expect from the next generation

EDGE- The next generation Xbox will launch this year with PS4 to follow in 2014, according to analyst IHS Screen Digest.

We asked senior principal analyst and head of games 
at Screen Digest Piers Harding-Rolls what to expect from the next generation of consoles. This is what he told us.

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jay22834d ago

I don't think that Sony will wait till next year to be last again. If they do very early.

iamnsuperman2833d ago

They have already said they will not be last. I am expecting both consoles to be released within a week of each other

guitarded772833d ago

I doubt that, but if it did happen my wallet will be hurting really, REALLY bad.

FamilyGuy2833d ago

Sony said the opposite actually, it was that they would never rush an incomplete product to market or something like that. That they focus on being the best, not the first out. They even recently said they weren't gonna release their specs first because the competition could just see that and 1up them afterward.

NastyLeftHook02834d ago

no more articles about NEXT GEN for a while...

doogiebear2833d ago

We need more Jrpg's. Also some mmo's for console and rts's would be a nice change of pace.

Relientk772833d ago

We definitely need more JRPG/RPGs, Strategy/Tactical RPGs, and I'll take RTS's as well

danny8182833d ago

Everyone who believes ps4 will launch this year is plain out of there mind. They unvield the psvita in January 2011 and it released in Japan in December and the rest of the world 2 months after. They will let time slide once its reveled. There not in a rush. Kaz even stated they will let Microsoft take first move.

doogiebear2833d ago

What does the Vita have to do with anything? Dude your looking for patterns and trends when there are none. There are no patterns for how ps products are released. Don't be a clown.

danny8182833d ago

And your looking at rumors bro. Nothing official just speculation and opinions. Dumbass.

computeSci2833d ago

After playing Ni No Kuni, I'm not that excited for next gen for some reason. I'm not feeling it yet.

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