New Smackdown VS Raw 2007 Screens

Fresh from the Smackdown publisher THQ come eight brand new screenshots of their upcoming grapple fest, Smackdown VS Raw 2007. The screens show off a variety of new features...

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Dante15900d ago

First i've got to say this game rocks and oh it will be comming to PS3, at least the 08 edition will be on PS3 and future edition's. secondly the guy who wrote that article is a complete arsho*e, i'll tell you what Sony is gonna do, i'll buy the PS2 version identical in everyway apart from graphics, now can you dig that suckas!

Bill Gates I Am5899d ago

How insanely real does Hulk Hogan look in that picture beating up on Mick Foley?!?!

Mikey_Gee5899d ago

I have ALWAYS HATED wrestling games.

Hated the way they looked and ESPECIALLY the way they played ..

H O W E V E R ......

Just to throw salt in the wound, I DL'd this demo and must say ..... much to my surprise ..... ABSOLUTLY LOVED IT !!!

Yup, me ... the wrestling game HATER totally LOVED the demo.

I will FOR SURE buy this on release.

And yes ,,, the details in the wrestlers is AWSOME.

Only complaint is after the pin, you get the stupid kind of pause and cut shot still screen thing and then go back to the actual in-game wring celeberation.

Regardless ... this game is VERY VERY NICE !!

Georgeous to look at and button mashing is LONG GONE !!

If you are a sceptic ... sheck it out.

nirwanda5898d ago

hated all westling game with the exseption of def jam which istn't really a westling game more a beat-up and to my surpise i downloaded and really liked it