Beating the Technical Curve

There was a time not long ago when the arrival of a new console generation would usher in a whole new era of possibilities for developers and gamers alike. It would open an entirely new world of opportunities for the developers to take due to the advancement in technical specs that each new console brought with it. Be it something as basic as an important evolution in processing from 8-bit to 16-bit consoles or the evolution in storage where compact-discs of PlayStation brought in the level of graphical sophistication few had ever imagined was possible.

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Neonridr2831d ago

I agree with a lot of what the author is saying, however I find a couple of points that I find to be glaring errors, but only in my opinion.

First, to say that Twilight Princess had poor controls is ridiculous. Sure Skyward Sword showed what the Wii controls were all about, but that still didn't change the fact that Twilight Princess gave us a glimpse of what motion controlled combat would be like if done correctly. The aiming of the arrows using the wiimote gave us a new sense of immersion to the game. Sure, it had its waggle-fest during combat, but they corrected that for Skyward Sword and offered a more 1:1 experience.

As for ZombiU, I feel that the developer did everything they could to show off the potential of the gamepad, not shoehorn in uses. I mean a lazy developer would have made the gamepad a map/inventory screen and that's it. Games like Darksiders or ME3 (minus the ability to play the game on the gamepad) didn't really revolutionize anything. At least Ubisoft gave us a cool augmented reality scanner, or a quick way to manage our inventory, pick locks, or use the map. Red Steel, while many agree was a technical flop, allowed the developer to go back to the drawing board and bring us Red Steel 2 which was so much more of what they originally intended to offer us.

Anyways, aside from that, I do fully agree that the curve is becoming flatter and flatter, and that it's going to come down to the games over the graphics. Only time will tell of course..

lightwarrior1792831d ago

I think the last-minute inclusion of motion controls in Twilight Princess are clearly apparent.
As for Red Steel, a superior sequel doesn't justify the inconsistent controls of the original IMO.

As for what you said about ZombiiU, I can agree with you to an extent. That said, games like Darksiders and ME3 aren't really apt comparisons because they weren't designed originally keeping the GamePad in mind while ZombiiU was.

Neonridr2831d ago

yeah, I can see where you are coming from in a lot of regards. Still Twilight Princess was an awesome game :P

MNGamer-N2831d ago

Graphic improvements will be less and less with each generation, hopefully giving developers time to instead make the games and game play better. Which is why we play video games in the first place, isn't it?

PygmelionHunter2831d ago

Sadly, you and I know the true answer to that... But I see your point, maybe gamers will finally stop caring so much about graphics, and developers will instead focus on gameplay, although overdemanding idiots will always be there...

SilentNegotiator2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

On what grounds will graphical improvements be less and less? Because the 2D to 3D step is gone? Because Nintendo chose to take a small leap with Wii U?

There's still massive room for RAM and graphical improvement. Consoles are still running at and below 720p. CPUs still have room to grow to improve on physics. More intelligent characters and objects will be on screen with more RAM and general power. If you think there's no where for consoles to go, it's your lack of imagination or else understanding of console limitations.

Zodiac2831d ago

Because the 2D to 3D step is gone?

Nailed it.

Compare any SNES game to Mario 64. Can you think of a single game on ps3/360 that made that kind of jump from the ps2/xbox/GC?

What i see is improvements all around. Better resolution, better AA, better lighting and shading etc...

It looks better, but that's all it is. It's just better of what were had for ps2/xbox/GC. There was nothing revolutionary like SNES-N64.

Just think back. SNES-N64, PS1-PS2, PS2-PS3. The leaps are getting smaller as we go along.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2831d ago

People who gripe on motion controls should think about where they want Gaming to end.

Not trying to Nerd-Up the place with my Star Trek-

-But the Holo-decks in the newer Star Treks were based off the efforts of Gamers and Technicians who were trying to create realistic all-encompassing 3D worlds.

Sure we are far from being able to create solid-holograms, but not totally away from using holographic immersion > CNN has used 3D holograms and they are used in NYC airports.

So, the question is HOW Would YOU MOVE IN A 3D WORLD without holding a controller out in front of you?

Wii-Motes, Move, and Kinex are all just important experiments toward the goal.
I understand liking the old-ways but most of the time we are given both options for AAA titles.

So, let the industry grow-

1upgamer992831d ago

It has been commented in several articles, the graphics saturation point has ALMOST been reached. As stated in this article pretty much. When it comes to PS4/720 we are just not going to see the leap in graphics like we did from PS2/PS3, Xbox/360 with the exception of Wii/Wii U of coarse because Wii had way less power than PS3/360. Look at The Last Of US. It looks AMAZING, it is using more than 99% of PS3's power though. So you take that game and think about the power of PS4/720/Wii U They will be have the ability to do even more realistic visuals, but at what point do graphics lose their ability to wow us, in other words this next gen including Wii U, developers will no longer have the excuse to have crappy graphics, and GAMEPLAY is going to have to be innovative and will have to be made fresh. The Gamepad for me anyway has done that. It has made playing games fresh. Not in the way the motion controls of the Wii did, but fresh none the less. Examples...BOPS2, Multiplayer online, Madden 13, calls on the gamepad etc, Zombi U, using your gamepad as your bag of tricks, scanning areas etc, Rayman, Well heck you can do sooo much on the gamepad, and Ubisoft has made the best use of the gamepad yet, Batman, Well your gamepad is your Batcomputer, What I am getting at Is Nintendo has given us new ways to play, also choices on how to play. BOPS2 use the Pro-controllers and your gamepad for your maps if you want. I for one am glad that now I have the choice of 3 completely different ways to play Gamepad, Pro-Controller, Wii Remotes. Now my hopes for Sony ( I could care less about Microsoft) We have Move, and from what I hear they are going to improve it, I hope Sony will do something different as well. Give us a new way to play, from what I hear Dual Shock may go away, although I hope PS4 will support it. I am interested to see what Sony has up its sleeve. Maybe Sony knows its time for a little change as well.

SilentNegotiator2831d ago

"the graphics saturation point has ALMOST been reached"

Balderdash! Consoles still need MAJOR increases in RAM, CPU power for physics, and Graphical power for better textures and character models. There will always be something better with computing.

tdogchristy902831d ago

Good article and it brungs up something I've wondering about. Now granted that technology like science will always evolve, there is always something to do. For me personally I have no desire in "extra" stuff. I like the simplicity of my console and controller, plug and play. With that said the article mentions a ceiling. And for me personally with my want is simplicity I do wonder how much higher they can go without changing it so much that I bail out.