Tales of Xillia’s overseas release targeted for spring

It seems that Namco Bandai will ship Tales of Xillia overseas this summer. The publisher hasn’t handed out an official announcement, but sites such as 1UP make note of the time frame in recent articles.

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NewMonday2834d ago

I think it is the same window Tales of Graces released in

NewMonday2833d ago

I think that is too early, it may be between spring/summer, I would get it now if it is out.

DarkBlood2833d ago

oh ok because i sworn i got tales of graces F in march at launch so i figured it would be the same month or so

Son_Lee2834d ago

I think it'll be out in May. That just seems...right.

Chaos_Raiden2834d ago

I am glad to see another Tales game released in English this year. Last year's Tales of Graces f is a pretty good surprise for me as a JRPG fan.

Snookies122834d ago

The sooner the better... I've been dying to play this since finishing up Graces f.

Zechs342834d ago

Title says spring but first line in text reads summer? huh?

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The story is too old to be commented.