Games Radar Previews Rainbow Six Vegas 2

The setting's the same. The story's the same. The good guys and bad guys are the same. Most of the weapons, armor and gadgets are the same. You're still in Vegas. You're still with teammates Michael Walter and Jung Park. You're still rappelling through windows and snaking cameras under doors. Heck, even the time and day haven't changed.

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jinn3886d ago

just save your money for something else

REALZILLA3886d ago

I'm going to get this regardless. I just want to hear a definitive yes or no. Get a sack.

InYourMom3885d ago

This is starting to sound more and more like a quick cash in on the first one. I had a bad feeling about this game ever since they announced that it would be coming so soon after the first one. Is this as "next-gen" as the Rainbow games are going to get? If so, that's a real shame.

I loved the first one, but I'm really stuck on whether I'm going to throw down another $60 for this one.