Diehard GameFAN: DmC: Devil May Cry Review

DHGF: I’m not going to lie, DmC: Devil May Cry feels like a much different game than all of the ones that came before it. The characters and story, despite sharing similarities, are all new. On the other hand, the world is far more interesting this time around, though the characters require a bit of incubation time before they start to grow on you. The reboot is more accessible than previous games have been, with seven different difficulty levels, and a combo system that makes it easier than ever to rack up a lot of Style points. At the same time, the variety of weapons and the ability to switch between them in midst combo allows for for a plethora of ways to dispose of your demon assailants, plus a number of environmental obstacles can be used to your advantage as well. Whether you feel Devil May Cry should have been rebooted or not, it remains that Ninja Theory crafted a title with a creative setting, interesting narrative, and superb content. It’s an excellent way to kick off the year.

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