Crysis 3 Beta Gameplay Video Released

GodisaGeek: "EA have just sent us word that earlier this week they recorded some footage from the upcoming Crysis 3 beta, and the video shows off the gameplay pretty well."

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gillri2831d ago

I had a very little hype for Crysis 2, I have very little hype for this either

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1nsomniac2831d ago

Beta, not Bata..... Just sayin'....

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floetry1012831d ago

The hunter game mode looks interesting. One thing I've always found to be lacking in Crysis is the fact that while you have some amazing tools at your disposal, you always feel limited by the energy you use. I love the concept of a 'Predator' like character that you have to team up for and kill. A seemingly unstoppable beast. Time will tell if it's well balanced, but I like it.

Lulz_Boat2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

crysis 1 is the best.

esemce2831d ago

So it's like COD but with Cloaked campers, Crytek after this can we just have Timesplitters 4 ? FFS you b1tches.

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