Metal Gear Rising: Cyborg Ninja DLC skin free to all EU buyers, new screens

Vg247: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance publisher Konami has just announced that everyone who picks up the game in Europe from February 22nd will get a free Cyborg Ninja DLC skin. Generous buggers.

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majiebeast2826d ago

Still think rising shouldve been about Gray fox he is a far more intresting character.

HarryMasonHerpderp2826d ago

It's who Kojima wanted to use and we all know Kojima knows best.

No FanS Land2826d ago

Well at first the game was credible, being set between MGS2 and MGS4, but now the game is set after MGS4, which honestly had me lose interest for the game.

Making a simple Spin-off like that, I think I would have gone with Gray Fox.

HiddenMission2826d ago

@majiebeast and others who responded..

The only reason Kojima wanted to do a Grey Fox story is because he wanted to dive into earlier roots of the series which while fun...don't really grow the franchise but simply clarify previous events with outcomes that we already know.

It's like this we didn't have all the information regarding this character but we would have but we still knew the me this could have been a DLC expansion to or included in Ground Zeroes.

As for Rising and Raiden well I remember when everyone saw Raiden in MGS4 for the first and were like oh snap I want to play with him like this.

Now some not all of those who saw Raiden take on those Gekkos and Vamp in MGS4 are like oh it's just another action game and it's way to over the top.

Last thing and breaks all your guys weak claims is this in part 4 Raiden stopped a big ass street long sub by himself.

So get over it what this really boils down to is that you only want Kojima handling your titles and no one else.

It doesn't matter to you that Platinum has a history of making the best action adventure/hack n slash games like Okami, Devil May Cry 1 and 3, Bayonetta and Vanquish. Every game they have touched as been top of it's genre.

But hey what do you guys care your "real" MGS fans...really I'm a fan of all the MG games and this is just an amazing title that adds to the universe and that's all. It's not like Rising takes anything away.

If your still not happy that's up to you but remember this one major thing that can come of this is that gamers who have never played an MG game might pick Rising up and decide that they want to know more about the MG universe which could lead them to going back and playing older games in the series.

As gamers we shouldn't hate on ANY title simply understand what the title will do for gaming which is grow the community and improve public perception of what video games are all about.

shaun mcwayne2826d ago

He may have bigger plans for Gray Fox?

stage882826d ago

Good incentive but I'm waiting for Ground Zeroes.