DmC Devil May Cry - 60fps Comparison

Can you say 60 frames per second? The devil is in the details when Gametrailers compare the stylish combos on the consoles to those on the PC. Discover it yourself in this specially 60 FPS enabled video!

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Mariusmssj2831d ago

Personally for me it does make a massive difference as I got 120Hz monitor. Wish more people could experience proper 60Fps gaming

YoungPlex2831d ago

I honestly need to invest in building or buying a beast of a rig soon... I love consoles but as far as multiplats go, PC generally seems the way to go as far as graphics and performance goes; PC's also have mods that consoles can't get. I might wait until the next consoles come, then I could see the difference between fresh hardware.

AsimLeonheart2831d ago

Even though I did not like the game and can be called an "ANTI", 60 fps looks SWEET!

Autodidactdystopia2831d ago

If you have to "try" and spot the difference theres something wrong with your brain.

one is very clear, smooth, quick and by contrast one looks like a blurry slideshow.

Zhipp2831d ago

Well, that settles it. I'm getting this game on PC.

Gazondaily2831d ago

Same here. Gonna hook up my 360 controller to the PC and play it.

sobekflakmonkey2831d ago

For those of you out there who don't know, you can hook up a PS3 controller to your PC and play as well....still, getting this game on PC as well, stoked.

Riderz13372831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Why can I never spot the difference when they test the FPS of games? It looks the same to me...

Edit - On second thought, it does look different. My HD was off before LOL

Azurite2831d ago

It's easier to spot the difference when they show them one at the time (not the split screen).

The animations are smoother on the PC version (60 FPS).

ThatGuy22831d ago

Even if Hd was off,its just so much more smoother.

Enemy2831d ago

It's hard not to spot the difference between 30fps and 60fps. It's double the frame rate, double the smooth. Easier to see the difference when actually playing the game, though. Sometimes these trailers and footage aren't running at the actual frame rate of the game.

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MrAnderson2831d ago

might buy it on steam when it goes on sale for half price, usually i don't wait for sales, but i'm not paying full price for a 7 hour game

csreynolds2831d ago

Wow. The 60 FPS version looks wicked!

In honesty, I don't mind slower frame rates that much. Battlefield 3 runs at 30 FPS and it doesn't affect my enjoyment of it. Mind you, maybe that's because I've never played it at 60+ FPS...

Whatever the reasoning behind my PoV, I have to agree with @Mariusmssj. It'd be awesome if more games ran at 60 FPS.

esemce2831d ago

Once you have played games at 1080p+ and 60fps+ then it's hard to go back to subHD and 30fps with fast paced games. BF3 maxed on PC is a thing of beauty on console it's jerky, ugly and unplayable to me.

60FPS should be the standard for the next consoles even if they have to run the games at 720p.

csreynolds2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Agreed on the 60 FPS/720p standard.

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The story is too old to be commented.