So just how powerful are the PS4 and Xbox 720 going to be?

It's been a long time coming, but specs for both of the major next-gen games consoles, the Sony PS4 and the Xbox 720, have been leaked. And they're both based on pure AMD technology.Before we deep dive into the details, is the leaked information accurate? One can never be sure. But the signs are good. First, it checks out in terms of plausibility. The hardware is based on known and realistic tech. The information is detailed, particularly that revealed by a few days ago. And it makes sense.

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LackTrue4K2826d ago

(--Insert cricket sound here--)

jujubee882825d ago

The next gen will be next gen.

I am going in with no real expectations other than they are machines which can do stuff and distract my time with fun video games.

Gildarts2825d ago

Man the more i read these things the less i believe the leaked specs are true. I mean these specs seem too weak for next-gen consoles, i expected them to at least compare to a affordable high-end pc. but then again in a few years we will have cloud gaming when that happens none of this will matter. your beloved handcrafted with blood and tears gaming rigs will be basically wasted money.

Computersaysno2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

The worlds economical situation coupled with the success of the cheap, less than high tech Wii has changed the industry the past 5 years.

We face a prospect of a round of less than super high end new consoles for the first time.

Seems an inescapable conclusion to me.

There will be a noticeable jump from ps3 and 360 so I can't see all that many complaints when they do arrive. Just not a huge jump.

RevXM2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I dont see no reason as to why ps4 or the next xbox wouldnt be comparable to an affordable High end rig.

Lets take Sony, they arent holding back much these days. They put a lot of money in to games. Just look at the quality line up for the last years.

The VITA just turned 1 year and it got some serious grunt being a high end portable device but Sony also makes other high end high quality products.
Bravia tvs with 4K and beast spec are coming. Xperia phones, Xperia Z seems incredible to me.
Their Camera's are not bad either, and lots more.

So IMO all they need is time and better marketing strategy.
Reading the latest rumors I cant believe it.
Weak low/mid end AMD hardware?
Id like Sony to go with high end Power PC and Nvidia components again, a speedier BD rom, put in lots of ram and an SSD 60GB, 120GB, 250GB launch models sounds about right but make tham swapable with retail SSD's.

SSD Prices are falling fast!

So it is very possible, but nothing is written in stone yet, not until the consoles goes in to production atleast. So any wishes, rumors and speculations will stay being wishes, speculation and rumors until MS and Sony reveal the systems.

steve30x2825d ago

@ Rexm : Theres no such thing as an affordable high end PC. High end PC's are expensive. A mid range computer is affordable most of the time.

JackBNimble2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

An affordable high end pc for around $350/$400? You console guys don't want to pay much more then that right? You can barely get a high end gpu for that price.

Console gamers want high end specs, but they don't want to pay for it.

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Abdou232825d ago

I hope this speculation threads stops. it's only couple of months people.

2825d ago
Hufandpuf2825d ago

I'd say pretty powerful

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