Sony Santa Monica Is Also Interested In Vigil's Employees

DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday, we informed you about Platinum Games’ interest in both Darksiders’ IP and Vigil Games’ former employees. Well, it seems that Platinum is not the only studio interested in those guys, as Sony Santa Monica has also expressed its interest towards them."

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Ezz20132831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

buy them NOW..darksiders with god of war gfx and gameplay is just too much for me to handle @[email protected]

redDevil872831d ago

Imagine the potential scale of the dungeons

Enemy2831d ago

I'm sure Vigil was inspired by God of War in some way as well, so it could be amazing to see them work together. If they end up with the rights to Darksiders, imagine it with the God of War engine + smoother frame rate + bigger bosses. Man, oh man.

jujubee882831d ago

Even if it is a lead designer, that could be a positive impact on SM.

Seth Killian was recently hired on by SM. Yeah, SM is looking to add some quality pieces.

What are they planning?

Temporary2831d ago

I once got laid off from a job and the next one i got was even better and opened up more career opportunities for me.

Theyre talented, and they WILL's hoping they are utilized and given the opportunity to shine again.

Bronxs152831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

yes, it would be good for the employees to work together.

but just for fun it's even cool to think about if they got the ip and made a cross over game with the characters from both games in a god of war style. imagine kratos brutalizing them lol

franchises crossing over seems to be the hotness now.

Mounce2830d ago

Jizzed...Innn my pants.

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BanBrother2831d ago

It wouldn't have GoW graphics, no way. Darksiders 1 and 2 are open world. Besides, unless Sony buy Darksiders it aint gonna happen. It would be cool to see though, as I'm sure the graphics would improve ten-fold, and maybe go for a grittier, more realistic look, or at least perfect the artstyle they were trying to pull off.

Skips2831d ago

Uhhm, maybe he's talking about next gen? I think SSM could pull that off. lol

Temporary2831d ago

I think giving Darksiders an overhaul and changing the graphics style would be horrible...the style it has is just fine. Maybe they can fine tune it but completely changing it so it looks like a different game wouldnt be cool.

Part of the reason I like Darksiders is because of its brightness and unique art style.

Rainstorm812831d ago

I know this is every Darksiders fan dream, but if Vigil wants to stay multiplatform then they may choose Platinum games......but for the sake of the franchise Sony Santa Monica would be a perfect fit .

A Darksiders with God of War's production value, on PS4.....Pure awesomeness

8bitHero2831d ago

well beggers cant be choosers. if i were them i'd go with whomever offered me the most money, even if it meant id have to make games exclusively for one console.

Skips2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )


Agreed, who'd they want to work for depends on how successful they want they're games to be, and just how much creative freedom they're willing to sacrifice. (But knowing this is Sony LMAO, creative freedom is definitely not a concern).

As for the successful part. Who would they go for?

The studio who's past game in same genre (which sold poorly) was BARELY given another chance to make a sequel.

Or the studio who's past game in the same genre soared over 5 million sales and it's current game in development is one of the highest pre ordered games of the year. And that's not even including the many other quality titles they helped create and collaborate with. lol

clrlite2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

As long as they don't focus more on graphics than gameplay that would be amazing. I have a feeling they will try to keep Ps4 dev costs reasonably low though.

WTF I just checked into darksiders for the first time and it looks amazing. Some of the Okami devs/etc. working with these guys would be perfect. Here's to hoping enough of them end up at whichever studio is right for them. Sony Santa Monica OR Platinum would have me at ease.

IAMERROR2831d ago

I'd rather see new IPs than Darksiders 3, talented studio though. I'm sure they could pull it off if they wanted too

Kran2831d ago

Thats funny. Wasn't it a couple years ago fanboys were complaining Darksiders was taking ideas from God of War? Now that the talent is available for work, you want them to be snatched up.

Obviously fanboys thought they had more talent than previously thought.

On the right note, I hope Vigil employees find the work they need. It was sad to see Vigil go.

8bitHero2831d ago

I lol'd. someone ALWAYS has to make every single article on N4G about fanboys or console wars.

FlunkinMonkey2831d ago

You generalise a whole fan base on a couple of people's comments..

Are you stupid? grow up..

FamilyGuy2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Maybe their opinions about Darksiders changed for the positive? Sony itself even (must) think of it as a great game or it wouldn't be available as a free PS+ download.

When the game originally came out I didn't even think of it as comparable to god of war, it just looked like a cool demon themed action game.

Godchild10202830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I thought a good share of people compared it to Zelda, due to the puzzles and stuff and God of War because of the combat and Gameplay.

Gamers would like to see SSM bring in the IP or at least the talent because they have potential to be great Developers. Not because they think they are more or less talented than SSM.

They took the ideas and made the game work for them and not just add it in because GOW was a successful franchise. And that is what set them on the map. That also help a lot of gamers see that you can use some ideas from other and make a use out of them and not just tack them on.

It could also be that they want them to still have a job in this industry and not move to mobile gaming or something completely different. No one likes to hear that someone lost their job because of a down economy or bad sales for a great game.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

This madness!! I love it!!

showtimefolks2830d ago

Sony Santa Monica studio is one of the highly regarded studio in gaming along with one Sony itself has a lot of respect for. SSM also help out other 1st or 2nd party studios if someone is having issues, last years only sent in some of their top devs to help finish the last guardian

If SSM is interested that means Sony is gonna listen to heir reasoning and may now be interested in not only hiring the devs but also buying the IP.

What surprises me about this whole auction is how cheap the IPs sold for. I mean how come SR ip didn't sore a offer of 50-100 million is beyond me, SR series has such high potential and imagine if one of the console makers had ought it to make it exclusive for their system

From day one I wanted Sony to buy Darksiders IP since THQ announced they were gonna auction it off. Now I hope Sony buys them because I don't think it's gonna take more than 3-5 million to buy it

Off topic:

Sony I think will try to buy QD after beyond 2 souls and David cage has already said he likes working for Sony

David Jaffe's next game will be on ps4 also for Sony since he said few months back working for Sony is a honor so I think both sides have a lot of respect for each other so I see mutual interest

I don't think Insomniac's next game is gonna do well, what I have seen of it doesn't raise my interest, when they announced it at E3 with that great trailer I was like awesome but when they changed the look and name that was bad IMO. Also doesn't help the fact it's a new IP and coming out around bunch of AAA titles.

So let's say Insomniac's game doesn't do as well as they had hoped than I could see them coming back to Sony.

EA's partner program is great because it lets the developer can the IP but than EA doesn't really advertise the games under the partners program. Shadow of damned was a very good game yet got almost no advertisement

Very interesting start to 2013

Awesome_Gamer2830d ago

Do it Santa Monica! Darksiders with God of War's production value would be incredible.

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NastyLeftHook02831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Buy them sony!

maybe darksiders 3 can be ps4 exclusive!

clrlite2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I would like to see that. Wouldn't mind if they acquired platinum games as well. I could be wrong about this, but I like the way Sony has treated their devs and they seem to encourage innovation. At least more so than other companies, which is why unique games like Heavy Rain exist.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Darksiders 3 as a Ps4 launch title would be freaking amazing o_o (I know, i know,,, Don't burst my bubble, let me dream.) I'm hoping they at the very least get their chance at making a story for the other 2 horsemen.

majiebeast2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Darksiders X God of War make it happen Sony. You already got Seth Killian for SMS now just add key members from Vigil and the IP's they were working on. Darksiders is very similair to god of war in many ways so perfect fit much better then PG.

BlaqMagiq242831d ago

God of War team and Darksiders team working side by side? You're asking for greatness to happen.

baldulf2831d ago

Vigil's employees, not Vigil's IPs.

So no Darksiders 3, ever.

Lord_Sloth2831d ago

THQ is auctioning the studios with the Studio's IPs so yeah, Vigil would come with Darksiders. It's actually a package deal.

Ezz20132831d ago

you are using logic and facts
those don't work here

baldulf2831d ago

Auction is over, no one was interested on Vigil as a studio.

What we are talking now is hiring the individual employees.

kratos1232831d ago

@balduff there is gonna be a second auction to sell all the unused ip and the remaining ips in the catalogue. Please check your facts and everybody knows vigil didn't sell or else ee wouldn't be here

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