Xbox 360 will be this generation's best-selling US console - DFC

"We don't normally write up analyst reports at this end - as members of the OXM community tirelessly observe, anybody can make educated guesses. But in the case of the following from DFC Intelligence, we're happy to make a shamelessly partisan exception. The group has been crunching recent NPD numbers, and predicts that the Xbox 360 will eventually become this generation's best-selling videogames console in the US."

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dirigiblebill2834d ago

Xbox always does well in the US. The key is getting one of Sony and Nintendo in Europe and Japan. And I suppose China and India, nowaadays.

Ezz20132834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

the gaming media love to flip flop when ever it suit them
when ps3 passed xbox numbers you hear them say
"so what? doesn't matter...who cares?!"

but now it seems "sales matter" again


shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2834d ago

US = biggest cod crowd, xbox crowd and apple followers.

Blackdeath_6632834d ago

agreed. sales figures should be irrelevant. gamers play games not monitor and analyse the financial situation of the company that sells them their console. the only time sales are ever relevant is if the developer or company are going bankrupt or need support like THQ.

miyamoto2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

this damage control is all the more reason to believe that the ps3 indeed is being played more than the 360...

so predictable...

do i smell panic?

Temporary2834d ago

Only a fool looks at the PS3 as an inferior system. Especially now with all the giveaways with PS+ and the great exclusives that are constantly being pumped out ...

PS3 passed the 360 in sales even though the 360 had a year head start and the ps3 was twice as expensive...that alone is enough to prove its superiority.

Y_51502834d ago

@ShutUpAndTakeMoney So true but it's annoying because; I live in the US and do not have never bought Cod, Xbox, or an Apple product in my life.

TheTwelve2833d ago

American gaming media supports their own, I guess. Doesn't matter. At the end of the day, PS3 won this gen.

DOMination-2833d ago

The Wii has won so far. Whether we like it or not the fact is, it DOES count.

I still think there's a chance it might get caught over the next five years though.

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hellvaguy2834d ago

Japan is like half the size of California. I'd take better sales in the U.S. over Japan every time.

MS and Sony aren't allowed to sell products in China because of the oppressive communist government there.
You can't even use the Google browser there.

2834d ago
Hoje03082834d ago

I honestly thought people as dumb as you only existed as internet memes. By land mass, Japan is only slightly smaller than California. But, its population - the only part that matters as far as sales are concerned - is barely shy of 128 million people. Compare this with California's population of about 37.6 million. So yeah, Japan is definitely still important, and is one of the reasons the PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide, with Europe being another.
Anyone with common sense could tell you that, ideally, you want to be popular in as many markets as possible, instead of selling like mad in one territory while being almost nonexistent in another.

LNDCalling2834d ago

Lol 127m people vs. 37m but whatever!..

America is of course the centre of this flat world we all live on.. at least that's what the great American marketing machine would have us believe.

greenpowerz2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


You got agrees with your full of crap post.

PS3 passed the 360? PS3 and Wii do better in all other places including China?

The Info you are getting "now a days" comes from vgc that still has PS3 behind. Only one data firm guess based on assumption and exaggerated up ward trend for PS3 has made this claim. 99.9% of the rest of the media and data firms have said no such thing.

Xbox crushed the competition this holiday season. It was selling either just short or just past a million a month for a few months in NA alone.(including black Friday alone)

Just like last year xbox won the year for sure sheit.g the holiday. We will see the truth with MSFT and Sony's reports.

NastyLeftHook02834d ago

as long as you enjoy your xbox you should not be mad there dead last in third place. just enjoy the games.

LackTrue4K2834d ago

I was gana bubble you down, but just like MS. You have nothing.
"I have no bubbles" (-_-")

Hoje03082834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

The 360 sold just over a quarter million units in October, and about 750k on Black Friday. Stop exaggerating to prove the point that your console of choice does really well in a single market and yet has either been overtaken or is danger of being overtaken worldwide by a system that came out a year later.
If you want to refute IDC's claim that the PS3 has outsold the 360 worldwide, then I suggest you find some information to contradict the findings of a firm that employs more than 1,000 analysts. Also, if the numbers aren't right, then find me the press release where a representative from MS refutes the numbers and offers their own instead.
P.S. If you're going to correct another user's spelling, then you should probably learn how to spell upward trend. Some grammar work would be advisable as well.

MysticStrummer2834d ago

Gotta love how some ignore math when commenting on this subject. From sales figures provided by MS and Sony, it's been inevitable that PS3 would eventually pass 360 in WW sales. It may or may not have already happened, but it will happen before PS4 and 720 launch, and possibly before they are officially announced. The damage control from the 360 crowd really makes me smile, so please by all means keep spinning. :D

DOMination-2833d ago

The figures are very close but there's something curious about them. The last two years we know officially that 360 is the best selling console worldwide MS said so during e3. Then this Christmas it again unsold the other consoles.

How then is it possible for ps3 to overtake it?

Did MS lie during e3? It would be interesting to know the truth as I've not really seen anybody point out this confliction before.

It would be interesting to

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mandf2834d ago

Here's some logic, the WII still leads in total sales for America. Fact

EffectO2834d ago

I guess you are too young to remember first Xbox.

DA_SHREDDER2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

i wonder how much he spent on live ever since he started gaming? 40 dollar cards times 8 equals 320 bucks. He could almost buy a new ps4 or Durango with that money.

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Zechs342834d ago

In other news, the sky is blue, gas prices are high, and Americans love American brands...

SuperLupe2834d ago

"and Americans love American brands..."

Since this gen only ?

FriedGoat2834d ago

this is the first gen to include an American brand in a timely manner.

MikeMyers2834d ago

"In other news, the sky is blue, gas prices are high, and Americans love American brands... "

And as of now you got 17 agrees and only 2 disagrees for that comment? How well does Honda and Toyota do in America? How does Nintendo do in America? Now ask yourself this, how well does Chevy, Ford and the Xbox do in Japan? Do you not see a total contrast in which country loves their own brands more?

Regardless of how well the Xbox does in America, they still need to do better in other parts of the world. I think Xbox Live is the key reason why the U.S. is such a bigger market for the Xbox brand.

superterabyte2834d ago

@MikeMyers how well foreign companies do in America is not the point at question, as Zechs34 has not disputed that claim, however what he stated is true and American's do indeed love american brands.

MikeMyers2833d ago


Why, because the first time in a long time an American backed console has manged to do well? The Wii was outselling the Xbox 360 this generation, the PS2 outsold the Xbox last generation by a lot. America is not unique in supporting their own brands so it's a bit misleading and a total generalization to make it appear America is backing the Xbox only because it's American. If that's the case what does that make Japan, xenophobic?

superterabyte2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

@MikeMyers Again you're missing the point! The point is that american brands sell incredibly well in America when compared to other countries. The point is not that American brands outsell foreign brands in the american market. And the PS2 outsold the xbox for a lot of reasons of which im sure any half-wit could work out

Edit that also applies to the wii
Also who claimed that it was just america that did this lol lots of countries buy their own products in significant numbers the point of this story is to give some explanation as to the possible reasons why the xbox sells well in america

MikeMyers2833d ago

Superterabyte wrote:

"The problem with Xbox is plain and simple it's made and run by Microsoft the second worst technology company in the world. I think you know the worst but here's a clue they are also American."

Nevermind, now I can see who it is I'm dealing with.

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hellvaguy2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

" Americans love American brands"

Gee I wonder how this accounts for foreign cars outselling American ones and the nintendo wii outselling both the ps3 and 360.

*Fail logic bro, doesn't pass any tests. You prolly wanna go ahead and think and/or do your research before making such obviously inaccurate statements to avoid looking so silly in the future. kkthnks!

BlackTar1872834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

what is this the first 3-4 yr stretch where FORD isn't the #1 selling car/truck in america.

The Big 3 up until 3-4 yrs ago for America was Ford,Chevy and Dodge.

The new Japan cars selling more is new to US look it up.

I mostly know this because i worked for Honda and every 3 months we would talk about how to crack the US market in the Top 3.

BlackTar1872834d ago

For whoever is disagreeing don't just be a blind puppet please. If you seriously don't knw the answer to the claim look it up. Ford is still #1 in america followed by Chevy both USA car makers. i swear to god people type stuff that is complete nonsense and are to lazy to make sure they are correct. Quite sad


Zechs342834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

@ Hell

Where are your facts?

Besides the fact that America is no longer a land full of Americans, your logic is flawed. If anything, I believe your typical white American is now the minority in this country.

"*Fail logic bro, doesn't pass any tests. You prolly wanna go ahead and think and/or do your research before making such obviously inaccurate statements to avoid looking so silly in the future. kkthnks!"

You're very welcome!

superterabyte2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

@MikeMyers Well im glad you took the time to read my recent comments. Since we are going down that route why don't i have a look at you're public profile hey oh look first off 4 people went out of their way to ignore you. Oh and I don't know how you deduce from two comment's what sort of person you are dealing with.

stage882834d ago

Not surprising at this stage. It's like saying "PS3 will be this generation's best-selling European console".

SuperLupe2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Well ... that's the Wii in fact.

To those who disagreed. Care to show me we you get the info that the PS3 has outsold the Wii in EU ?

FriedGoat2834d ago

For those sales it wasn't sold as a games console, it was sold as an exercise machine for casual moms.

EddieNX 2834d ago

The ps3 didn't win anywhere. It slightly outsold the 360 in Europe though....

The wii sold faster than the 360 in the US anyway. You can drag it out as long as you want ....

TotalHitman2834d ago

Xbox 360 will be this generation's best-selling US console. American's will mistake this for worldwide and I will get many dislikes.

2834d ago
NastyLeftHook02834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

im as american as lynrd skynrd, apple pie, chevy trucks, marlboro smokes, saturated fat and pocketknives but i know who the real winner worldwide is.

inFAMOUS_KRATOS2834d ago

ignorant article, of course it is, world wide is what matters

Shadow Flare2834d ago

where ironically 360 is staring last place in the face. Or is it in last place already? Quite strange how the best selling console in America can be the worst selling console worldwide, being outsold by the other 2 consoles practically every single year. If it shows anything, it shows, American sales aren't as important as some people make it. You need to sell well globally.

SuperLupe2834d ago

"it shows, American sales aren't as important as some people make it. You need to sell well globally."

Simplistic mind.

The 360 sold what, 62 consoles in Japan ? And despite that it is still ahead of the PS3 WW (if you say otherwise I want some cold hard facts, not what some unofficial report that even Sony themselves haven't ever mentioned) 6 years later.

The 360 with a huge performance in the USA and a good one in EU is still officially 2nd. While the PS3 with good "global" sales is still trailing. By how much, nobody knows, but just goes to show you dont have to be good everywhere ... just where it matters and as the 360 shows that means especially the USA.

Shadow Flare2834d ago

Or let's put this another way:

360 which doesn't sell well globally gets outsold by ps3 and wii which do sell well globally almost every single year

Lets put this another way:

PS3, which sells well globally, has basically matched 360's sales (a console which doesn't sell well globally) an entire year faster then 360. And PS3 launched 18 months after 360 in Europe

And let's put this yet another way:

360, the console that doesn't sell well globally, is the slowest selling console this generation. Fact.

But I take your point.

etownone2834d ago

Or you can look at it this way,

Sony lost like 50% market share, pretty much all third party exclusives of last gen, respect, fans and huge loss in profits...
all to the 360.

No matter how you slice it.... Sony and it's PS3 are losing and the 360 was a HUGE win for MS

Shadow Flare2834d ago

I don't argue that 360 was a big improvement over Xbox and its had a lot more success then Xbox, and through tougher competition the ps3 has lost some of the grip that the ps2 had. Because that's a fact. Both Microsoft and Nintendo put up much tougher competition this generation.

But we're specifically talking about sales here. And it's still a fact that 360 is the slowest selling console this generation. Being outsold worldwide by the other 2 consoles almost every year essentially dictates that.

If you want to look at the bigger picture, Microsoft has done better yes. But in keeping in topic with what we were debating...the cold hard fact is that out of the 3 consoles, 360 has been the slowest selling.

So sorry, I don't agree ps3 is losing. In fact at this moment, it's the number 1 selling console currently in monthly worldwide charts

AngelicIceDiamond2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Once again for the 100th time on here. This comment and the first 15 comments is pro Sony. Damage control. A simple "congratulations to MS would be appreciated in here?

this is a MS article and PS kids are running it like its Sony article. Where can I go to get unbiased opinion on this site? Please tell me where? Its not commentable on here anymore. Its not fair.

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